Original Iria DVD cover in America.

Iria: Zeiram The Animation – a Review on a Classic

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Title: Iria: Zeiram the Animation Year: 1994 Episodes: 6 Company: Ashi Production Genre: Horror Introduction: I sat in the darkness. Iria: Zeiram the Animation flickered on the screen as our only illumination. The last credits scrolled across the tv before fading. I turned to my friend and said, “We’ve got to watch the next episode now.” Neither of us knew we were “binge watching” Iria.  The term failed to exist at that time. In spite of us knowing we had to work the next day we pressed on to the next episode.  Whenever I watch Iria again I think of my first viewing. I fondly recall the intense watching session.  It remains one of the best anime watching experiences I’ve had. What It’s About: Zeiram the Animation is an OVA prequel to the live-action movie series of the same name. Movie fans will prolly notice a plot hole. The […]

Boogiepop promotional image.

Boogiepop Phantom : Anime Review

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Title: Boogiepop Phantom Year: 2000 Episodes: 12 Company: Madhouse, Nozomi Entertainment Genre: Horror Intro: In many stories, beacons of light offer hope and resolution. In Boogiepop Phantom a flashing pillar of light creates a deadly mystery. Because of the pillar, people disappear from the city. The anime follows a variety of people in the aftermath of the light. Due to the anthology nature of the show, the anime’s characters are difficult to discuss. All the characters are important to the plot, yet few of them understand the greater crisis at hand. Most characters posses only a partial understanding of the anime’s events. The Mechanics of Boogiepop: Summarizing Boogiepop defies normal story mechanics. It is a complex mechanical clock. Non-linear story fragments revolve around each other. Viewers must pay close attention to piece the story together.  Subtle details and nuanced clues reward sharp eyed viewers. Boogiepop‘s animation aides in delivering […]

Legal Drug Manga Cover Art

Legal Drug: A Review On CLAMP’s Supernatural Series

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Any fan of manga or anime is sure to know everything about CLAMP by now. If not, then you’ve been living under a rock all this time. CLAMP is the creative force behind titles like xxxHolic, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and the list just goes on. One of their titles, Legal Drug, may be something that most of you aren’t even familiar with. This is mostly due to Legal Drug’s strange publication history. When Kadokawa Shoten ceased publications, Legal Drug then ended its run. Adding up, Tokyopop only had 3 published volumes of Legal Drug as of year 2005. In addition, Lawful Drugstore or Gouhou Drug are two other names for the series. Since then, however, the license has lapsed, and Dark Horse Comics just picked up the publishing right for 2014. In 2003, when Shoten ceased publication, Legal Drug was on “on hold” status. However, it resumed serialization […]

⚔ Earl ⚔

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“Everyone exists for a reason. As small as it can be. I’m sure you have a meaning too.” – Mirajane Strauss, Fair Tail   Greetings fellow Earthlings! Earl here and I come from the world of Alfheim as a Sprigan living in Sprigan Territory. Kidding aside, I’m an experienced writer and is still looking for more ways to improve my style of writing. My lifestyle basically revolves around DSLR cameras, sketch pads, gaming consoles, my laptop, sports and stuffing my pie hole as well. I have a thing for both the Japanese and American culture, which made me wish that I was born into those nationalities myself. I also enjoy a cup of cold coffee in the morning and to some milked tea as well. Lastly, I’m an ambivert person, but more on the introvert side and less on the extrovert. I basically love anime […]