Vampire Knight

Sweet Blood – A Vampire Knight Review

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Breakdown Two sides locked in an eternal struggle. An impressionable young girl caught in between. Can she bring an end to it all and see both sides living together in peace? Twilight in anime form? Oh dear don’t flee in terror just yet, there’s no androgynous vampire guys shimmering in the sunlight here. We also have way more facial expressions than Kristen Stewart does too.¬†Vampire Knight is one part supernatural, two parts kawaii with some dashes of awkward emotional moments for good measure. Is it worth watching though? Let’s find out. Synopsis Duality is an inevitable reality in this world. Light and dark, hot and cold, good and evil.¬† Vampire and human. The list goes on. However is it always black and white like that? A young girl found herself questioning this one day when she was attacked by a horrifying monster. A rogue vampire, […]