Consign your Grievance to Hell: A Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori Review

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Vengeance taken will often tear the heart and torment the conscience. Perhaps that is another story for those who bear grudges. With a burden so great, they seek the service of the Hell Girl. Swift retribution comes to those condemned. “Human is an existence full of sin and misery.“ Enma Ai General Information Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori is a sequel to the anime of the same name. Following the success of its first season, Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori aired in the year 2006. The name of the series also translates to Hell Girl: The Two Mirrors. For more information on the series, check out the review for Jigoku Shoujo here. Synopsis Enma Ai and her companions continue deliver their service to those who seek vengeance. Through the Hell’s Correspondence, people can condemn others to an eternity in hell. Consequently, no amount of mortal currency can pay such a high price. Instead, those who avail of […]