Star Trek: the Next Generation Manga cover.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Manga Review

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Title: Star Trek: The Next Generation : Boukenshin Year: 2009 Volumes: 1, out of print currently Company: Tokyopop, Eaglemoss/IDW  (potential upcoming hardbound reprint ) Genre: Science Fiction Introduction: Adaptations provide notorious difficulty. Narrative rules vary between entertainment mediums. Additionally, narrative rules vary between cultures. Successful adaptations attempt to satisfy both sets of rules, while standing as its’ own work of art. Countless failed adaptations speak to the difficulty of turning an anime or manga into a Western live-action movie. In this case, Western work adapts into an Easter style. Star Trek: The Next Generation – Boukenshin adapts the popular show from the 1980’s into 4 new manga stories. As in the show, Captain Picard runs the ship. Commander Riker leads the crew on missions. Worf is a alien warrior living among humans. Data the android desires to be more human. Deanna Troi serves as the emphathic ship’s counselor. […]