Emma – A Victorian Romance

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Emma – A Victorian Romance, also known as Eikoku Koi Monogatari Emma, is a classic anime which some of you may know already. Its first season was released in 2005 while the 2nd season was aired in 2007.  For the sake of others who are not yet familiar with the series though, I’ll try reviewing it without spoiling as much. I’ll be reviewing the two seasons together in this article, in order to give you a full coverage. Emma’s Story The story is happening in 19th century so if you are a lover of this era just like me, then you will probably love it. Our heroin is none other than Emma. She is a maid working at the house of an old teacher since she was a 15-year-old. One day, a former student from a rich family named William came to visit his teacher. He […]


✿ Rano ✿

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✿ Rano ✿ Heeeeeey guys! Rano is in the house! XD First of all I’m a girl who is 22 years old, gemini and my birth date is on 18th june. I love anime, manga and Asian dramaaaaa 😍😍😍 i prefer reading manga more than watching anime as i love writing and reading a loooooooot XD I write short stories and poems and i prefer sad depressing poems than happy ones. My taste in songs is like a mix of everything, i love a lot of singers and have many faves. Love drawing and singing although my singing sucks 😂😂😂 but my drawing skills can pass 😜 My life motto would be: Do whatever you want when u can, our regret about the things that we haven’t done is way tougher than about the things we have already done. If you have any more questions and […]