The Heat of Love: A Sabaku no Harem Manga Review

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Witness a romance that’s hotter than the sun in Sabaku no Harem! Follow Kallum and Mishe in their journey through the unrelenting desert and watch their love bloom. General Information From author and illustrator Yumeki Mitsuru comes Sabaku no Harem, a series featuring love amidst the blistering sands. Also known as Harem in the Desert, the manga is currently ongoing with 25 chapters to date. Synopsis Once a slave, Mishe suddenly falls into the hands of a wealthy man, and a prince no less! When one catches a prince’s attention, it is understandable for common folk to bow and comply to his every command. But under those circumstances, Mishe didn’t yield so easily. Instead, she defies him with utmost dignity even as he takes her as one of his concubines! Thus begins Mishe’s journey alongside Prince Kallum and his harem in the desert. Eny’s Thoughts […]