Mairunovich – Mia’s manga review

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General Information Mairunovich ( マ イ ル ノ ビ ッ チ or Mairunobicchi ) is a shoujo manga written by Zakuri Sato , which has been serialized in the Margaret magazine from 20 December 2010 to 19 April 2014. It has 76 chapters which were then collected into 12 volumes, published by Shueisha under the label Margaret Comics. In Italy, the manga has been published by Star Comics since October 2013. Synopsis All of it began when a high school girl named Kinoshita Mairu used to being fingered because she is ugly. Her friends gave her a ridiculous nickname “poisonous mushroom” and even his big brother treats her with disdain. One day, she gets trapped and humiliated by a boy. It was then that she decides to change radically under the impetus of the “king” of high school, Kumada Tenyuu . Thanks to her neighbor Fuwari-chan, an opportunity to start a […]