3-gatsu no Lion 2nd season: Lylia’s Anime Review

An overwhelming experience, a road to the professional shogi player, yet a path to being kind to others. Haven’t check out my season 1 review? Check out 3-gatsu no lion.

Lylia’s Synopsis on 3-gatsu no Lion season 2

Kirishima Rei is now more lively with the change of things around him. While that doesn’t change the fact that his problems are already solved, they are at least helping him live a better life. Continuing his path to being a professional shogi player, he faces opponents to reach his goal. However, another problem was raised to the Kawamoto family. Now, what will Kiriyama Rei do?

Lylia’s Thoughts on 3-gatsu no Lion season 2

I love the sound effects in this series! They always sound so cute! You can hear them say the “mogu mogu”, poking sounds. Some of them are highlighted as one of the important scenes for one character. Like how Kiriyama feels alone in the water, with the water dripping sound. One more thing I noticed is the perfect entrance and exit of the background music which emphasized the important scenes. I also love how the seiyuus (voice actors) made the voice fit the scene so much. This crying scene made me cry because of how the seiyuu cried it like she means how hard Hina cries.

Hina is crying over the river bridge.

One thing that everyone that watched this show noticed the “bullied” part that can happen to anyone in a school. It’s always so painful to see this, mostly to the point of view of the victim. As Hina said:

“Pretend they didn’t see anything or like “If you protect her, they’ll target you next.”

But what I like how they tell this story is how there are people willing to help someone. Like what the Kawamoto sisters did to Kiriyama when he was alone in a street in Season 1.

Another thing I noticed in the Season 2 is how Kiriyama had a feeling of helping a family member that he never gets along with in his adopted family before. I appreciated how Kiriyama wanted to help Hina with her bully problem at school, how he wants to support Akari, and how he plays a lot with Momo.

A happy Hina.

Just a spoiler, highlight it if you guys like.

***** I hate how Hinata’s homeroom teacher makes the situation on bullying worse. Like why does she make it worse, and not help the victim? Accuse the victim of not socializing, yet the wrong is with those group of people that should be rotten to hell. *****


More on 3-gatsu no Lion season 2

For the second season, Shaft still adapted the series which premiered in October 2017. And before the 2nd season of the animation series, a two-part-live-action was released in March and April 2017.

The film has 2 parts, which were interesting because of how they explain everything so briefly. The part 1, March comes like a Lion, focuses more on Kiriyama and his match in the Newcomer Tournament. Meanwhile Part 2, March goes out like a Lamb, focused on the bullying part.

Manabu Senzaki, a professional shogi player, commented on the manga about the shogi rules and culture.

Lylia’s Conclusion on 3-gatsu no Lion season 2

Another anime that confused my sense of time. One episode didn’t even let me grasp that it has ended, till the ending theme puts me back to sense. 3-gatsu no Lion season 2 lures me yet again to watch this series with its colorful graphics. So here! Have another cute Momo and the cute Neko trying to break free.

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