For the Love of Bananas: An Aho Girl Anime Review

With great power… comes great stupidity?! To earn the title of Aho Girl, one must commit ludicrous feats of idiocy! With great pride in her foolishness, Hanabatake Yoshiko certainly fits this title.

General Information

Written and illustrated by Hiroyuki, Aho Girl is initially a slice-of-life comedy Shounen manga. On November 2012, the manga became a feature in the Weekly Shonen Magazine. The series moved to Bessatsu Shonen Magazine between July 2015 and December 2017. Adapted into a tv series by Diomedéa, the show aired between July and September 2017.


Hanabatake Yoshiko is a girl who defies all intelligence. With consistent zero scores in exams, this banana-obsessed dimwit caused even her mother to lose hope. Consequently, there is one person who can keep her sanity in check: her childhood friend Akuru Akutsu. A-kun is always ready to beat down Yoshiko’s idiotic antics! To his demise, no amount of physical force can stop her shenanigans. Even with all his strength, A-kun can’t seem to put an end to Yoshiko’s stupidity!


Eny’s Thoughts on Aho Girl

With its suggestive jokes and senseless acts of stupidity, Aho Girl guarantees to keep its viewers constantly laughing out loud. Following a direction of comedic shorts in every episode, the show is a hit for laughs and giggles.


Since the show’s main feature is its comedy scenes, the story does not have the necessary depth viewers look for. Most of the characters’ jokes are perverse and the use of physical force to hurt others may not appeal to some viewers. However, what it lacks in plot, it makes up for with its funny scenes. Furthermore, the characters’ one-liners and pop culture references will certainly appeal to its target audience.


The animators of Aho Girl did a decent job on the show’s art style. The show’s animation can be described as ‘derpy’ by some viewers due to the exaggerated faces that the characters make. While the series is not particularly dominant in the arts department, it still fulfills what viewers look for in a comedy anime.


The opening song Zenryoku☆Summer! by angela starts every episode on a good note with its light tones. This song sports a strange lasting effect that worms its way into the viewers’ ears. Although the show does not have other special soundtracks to boast, its moderate use of music keeps the focus on the characters.


Indeed, a comedy show is nothing without the comedians. The spotlight of Aho Girl focuses on its cast, a fitting element that makes the protagonists the main foundation of the show. The heroine, Hanabatake Yoshiko, perfectly plays her part well as the idiotic star despite her lack of intelligence. Of course, every chaotic character needs a partner to balance out. In Yoshiko’s case, her studious childhood friend A-kun plays the role as her stabilizer. Along the way, Yoshiko also befriends others who seem to share the same traits as her and only succeeds in infuriating A-kun with her crazy group of friends.


Aho Girl is one of the comedy anime that I really enjoyed. I found myself constantly trying to hold back laughter despite the stupidity of the jokes and antics of the cast. What I found endearing about it is that it doesn’t force its viewers to like the show. The jokes are relatable to some extent, given that they are mostly connected to the modern world. Consequently, every good comedy anime loses its touch in the long run. What Aho Girl did to counteract this is to include a rather shocking reveal to what lies beneath Yoshiko’s dimwitted exterior. All in all, Aho Girl is a good recommendation for those who enjoy Shounen with a touch of madness and some romance in between.

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