Akuma To Duet

Hey anime and manga fans! Your Rano is back with another awesome manga to review 😎😎😎 This time I’ll reviewing a short manga with only 5 chapters so if you are looking for something fast to read then here is one! If you haven’t read it before then there is nothing to worry about as my reviews contain NO SPOILERS.

Now let’s get straight into our review.

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Akuma To Duet is a Japanese completed manga, composed of 5 chapters which is also known by Dance with devil. The series was written by one of the most popular authors, Fujitsuka Yuki.

The genre is Shoujo, Romance, Supernatural and Fantasy.

The story


Akuma to Duet is about Mel who has the ability to tame demons, and for that reason she has been persecuted as a witch all her life. One day, she’s summoned to the castle and asked to marry Prince Claude. What’s going on? And why Mel exactly?!

Only by reading will you figure it out the answers for these questions!

The characters

As usual, I’ll be talking about our main characters only as I don’t want to ruin the fun of reading this manga so discovering the other characters will be on you guys.

As etiquette states that “ladies first,” let me start with the first main character …


Our beautiful and gorgeous heroine who was called a witch due to her abilities to tame demons. She is actually loved by a lot of demons too due to her attractive character and looks, but hated by other ordinary people who only fears her while in fact she is always protecting them.

Poor Mel ☹




Prince Claude

Our handsome and attractive prince who summoned our gorgeous Mel to marry her but why her exactly and for what reason! That’s what we will find out!

He is actually a good hard-working prince who cares about his people a lot but also has a dark secret. But that’s something we will know later while reading.


Things I’ve like in Akuma to Duet:

The plot is quite interesting! The story and character were pretty awesome. Thou it’s a short manga but it was professionally drawn. The author was able to show us a lot of things like action, love drama and many other surprises in just 5 interesting chapters and that’s quite impressive! Being able to express many feelings while ready was pretty much fun!

Things I didn’t like in ” Akuma to Duet “

Actually there was nothing wrong in this manga ! It will keep you on your toes and you won’t be able to leave it without finishing it.

I’d love to see another long season of it.

The end

I didn’t want to reach the end of this awesome manga 😭😭😭 It was actually pretty fun to read and I enjoyed it till the last chapter! The ending was pretty good but it doesn’t stop the fact that I’d love to read another season of it and it would be pretty cool if it was adapted as an anime.


The author, Fujitsuka Yuki, has lots of other good manga series, so I think I’ll be reviewing another manga from him. I’m also thinking about publishing a special article about short manga. On this note, I’d love to know whether your opinion is Yay πŸ˜† or Nay ☹.

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