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Arifureta: Lylia’s Light Novel Review

As his class fell down to another world, will Hajime and his classmates survive the new world? Check out Arifureta.


Nagumo Hajime is an unwanted otaku from his class. After going to another world, he got the most useless class, Synergist, with only one transmutation skill. While his classmates and teacher got cheat like skills and statues. When they went to the dungeon called the “Orcus Labyrinth”, he fell down to the depths of the abyss. But with help of the things around him on the depths of the abyss, he became the world’s strongest.

That moment when Hajime fall, Kaori wanting to grab his hand, and Shizuru stopping Kaori from falling.

Thoughts on Arifureta

Hatred. For the first few chapters, when I start reading Arifureta, that is what I felt to the bullies of Hajime. They got jealous because the ranking #1 girl from his school is casually approaching Hajime every day; just to greet him “Good Morning” which made the whole class hate him, and more particularly the bullies.

Worried. that Hajime is blowing a lot of what he defines as enemies.

Relieved. After he met Yue from the depths of Orcus Dungeon. Knowing that Kaori, the #1 girl from his school, is missing him dearly. And still, haven’t locked his whole heart. And starts to love people around him.

Somehow Proud. As he went on a lot of hardships in his life, he still hasn’t given up on his life and went to fulfill his goal.

Hajime’s quest after he conquered his first dungeon, he finally has a goal: to go back to Japan. With six more dungeons to conquer to obtain the creative magic, together with Yue and more girls to add for each quest to make his dream come true and to stop leading a “sad way of life.”

Did you know that…

  • Most of Hajime’s inventions are named in German.
  • Hajime’s inventions are based on the anime he watched.

How many girls fall for him?

  • You might think three or four. But you guessed wrong, he got a total of eight that loves him so much. It started with his lover vampire princess, a bunny girl, his teacher, a dragon, a mermaid, and two other classmates. Truly, he made a harem, but he never desired to have a harem in the first place. (Damn, I like this dude.)
From left to right: Hajime(white hair), Kaori, Shia(rabbit girl), Tio (dragon), Yue (vampire princess)

More on Arifureta

Arifureta or Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou started with the web novel which consist of 299 chapters at this moment. It has a Japanese light novel series that Ryo Shirakome wrote and Takayaki illustrated. Its English translation of the title: From Common Job Class to the Strongest in the World. J-Novel Club licensed the novels with Seven Seas Entertainment that published them. The series also has a manga adaptation, that Ovelap’s Comic Gardo website serialized since 2016 and also licensed by Seven Seas. White Fox will adapt the anime series that will start in April 2018.

Conclusion on Arifureta

Since I haven’t finished the whole light novel yet, I still have no idea about some things. But that is what makes me continue reading the novel. If you like “Isekai” or other world kind of story, Arifureta is one heck of an adventure!

Have a cute Shia with her Doryukken.

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