Bakuman – Mia’s anime review

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If I follow my dream and it shatters – I can accept having to regret that. But I don’t want to regret not pursuing it in the first place- Akito Takagi Dreams are there to be achieved. I believe everyone had their own little dream when they were kids. Like, for example, I dreamed of being a writer when I’m old enough to be one. Now, here I am, being a manga or anime reviewer in a fabulous group with talented members. I know all of you have your own different story about your dreams, right? But, now I would like to invite all of you to take a look at this tremendous anime titled Bakuman. General Information Originally, Bakuman. (バクマン。)  is a Japanese manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, who were responsible for Death Note. Weekly Shōnen Jump serialized  […]

Great Teacher Onizuka- Mia’s Anime Review

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I’m not sure whether all of you know about this anime or not. Perhaps, kids in 1998 may be familiar on  this series. Great Teacher Onizuka has been my favorite all over the time. Reviewing this anime recalls back my memory when I was a child, though to be honest, I watched this anime pretty late. It was when I was in junior high school year two. When you first see the cover, you would think that it was some kind of action/adventure type anime, but absolutely, it was not. In fact, it was under the Comedy genre. Somehow, it has a similarity with City Hunter but I believed both author has their own sense of humour. General Information Great Teacher Onizuka (グレート・ティーチャー・オニヅカ Gurēto Tīchā Onizuka) is a Japanese shōnen manga written and illustrated by Tooru Fujisawa. It was originally serialized in Weekly Shōnen Magazine from […]

Taiyou No Ie – Mia’s manga review

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I will become the sun 🌞🌞that protects you – House of the sun A romantic and classic love story – that’s what Taiyou No Ie is all about. This manga truly knows how to play with your feelings but (yes, there is a big but here), this kind of push and pull concept successfully draws my full attention to this manga. General Information House of the Sun (Japanese: たいようのいえ Hepburn: Taiyō no Ie) is a Japanese slice of life romance shoujo manga series written and illustrated by Ta’amo, serialized by Kodansha in Dessert magazine. The series has been completed with 13 volumes. The first volume was released on September 13, 2010 and the final volume was released on June 24, 2015. The manga has been licensed for an English digital release by Kodansha USA. Synopsis The story revolves around the life and difficulties of Mao […]

Nijiiro Days – Mia’s Anime Review

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General Information Rainbow Days (Japanese: 虹色デイズ Hepburn: Nijiiro Deizu) is a Japanese shōjo manga series written and illustrated by Minami Mizuno, and published in Shueisha’s Bessatsu Margaret magazine. A drama CD was released with the seventh volume of the manga in October 2014. A 24-episode anime adaptation produced by Production Reed aired between January and June 2016. Plot Four high school boys are best friends forever. They didn’t belong to any school club, they just comfortably hang out with each other. Natsuki, the main protagonist of this story was seriously a hopeless romantic guy who had a crush named Anna. While those three friends help Natsuki to confess his love, will everything go well? People tend to say “don’t judge a book by its cover.” I thought that’s true afterall. That’s what happened to me when I saw this anime. Just by looking on its […]

Top 5 Shoujo Manga – Mia’s Review

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Have you ever felt that way when your friend asked you about your favorite manga or anime? Well, then you’re a real otaku!! You feel hype up just to tell them everything from the beginning of the story until the end and how the characters are so cute yet lovely to be one of your fave. We’re on the same boat, guys. I feel very excited just to tell you what my favorite shoujo manga are. Here’s the list!!! (Play the drum!!! XD )🥁🥁🥁 Pochamani (゛8^-^)8゙ “I’m sure, no one in this world will come to love me.” That’s what Tsugumi “Mugi” Hashimoto, a chubby high school girl thinks when she looks at her outer appearance. However, world starts to change for her when Yukiya Tagami, who is fond of soft and squishy things and definitely like someone who is chubby, had his eyes on […]

Mairunovich – Mia’s manga review

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General Information Mairunovich ( マ イ ル ノ ビ ッ チ or Mairunobicchi ) is a shoujo manga written by Zakuri Sato , which has been serialized in the Margaret magazine from 20 December 2010 to 19 April 2014. It has 76 chapters which were then collected into 12 volumes, published by Shueisha under the label Margaret Comics. In Italy, the manga has been published by Star Comics since October 2013. Synopsis All of it began when a high school girl named Kinoshita Mairu used to being fingered because she is ugly. Her friends gave her a ridiculous nickname “poisonous mushroom” and even his big brother treats her with disdain. One day, she gets trapped and humiliated by a boy. It was then that she decides to change radically under the impetus of the “king” of high school, Kumada Tenyuu . Thanks to her neighbor Fuwari-chan, an opportunity to start a […]

Hirunaka no Ryuusei – Mia’s Manga Review

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General Information Hirunaka no Ryūsei (ひるなかの流星, or Daytime Shooting Star) is a Japanese shoujo manga written and illustrated by Mika Yamamori. It was published by Margaret magazine from 2011 to 2014 and another live-action film of the same title was released in 2017. Moreover, there is a limited clothing line based on clothes that the characters have worn. Synopsis Suzume Yosano’s parents have decided to move to Bangladesh when her father’s job gets transferred there. However, they’re not taking her with them. So, Suzume moves to Tokyo to live with her uncle, Yukichi. On her way to moving into her uncle’s house, she runs into a strange man who helps her since she is initially lost. When she starts school, it turns out that he is none other than her homeroom teacher, Satsuki Shishio. Between him and making new friends, Suzume’s first year of high […]