Classroom of the Elite – Wakeida’s Anime Review

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What does it mean to be an elite? What does it take to be an elite? In this anime, what is most important is the struggle to become elite above other elites. This struggle is played out in a not so ordinary high school. A Description Koudo Ikusei Senior High School, the most prestigious high school in the country seems like a paradise at first. It is equipped with the best of the best of everything educational with the best libraries and sports centers money can buy. The students receive a disgustingly large amount of money as allowance. In addition to that, the school provides access to shops, movie theaters and concert halls among other forms of entertainment. The greatest bonus of all, is that everyone that graduates from the school is assured enrollment in the best universities and employment. For the elite students of […]

Samurai Champloo – An Anime Review by Wakeida

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  “Freedom, isn’t something earned through suffering or pushing yourself. You must accept yourself just as you are and live according to the flow of things; that is true freedom.” -Monk Zuikou   A look into the world of Samurai Champloo Plot The series begins with the soon to be execution of two rebels, Mugen and a ronin samurai Jin. However the series immediately cuts to a short period before hand to explain how the situation evolved. A series of events that occur in parallel leads to the two men clashing. However, they cannot continue their fight and instead find themselves possibly being executed. This is because they angered the same powerful man through their actions. Unwilling to die, they manage to free themselves and fight for their lives, despite being outnumbered. It is at this point that Fuu-chan, a girl affected by their earlier […]

Sousei no Onmyouji / Twin Star Exorcists – The Review

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“Even if I lose my way or feel down, that I won’t stop moving. I’ll lift my head up, stick my chest out, and step firmly on the ground. Run. Race. Do nothing, but look forward, and keep moving!” The Exorcists Story The Details Plot The fate of the world rests in the union of two teenagers who just happen to be the prodigy exorcists of the East and the West of Japan. In a world divided into two realms, exorcists have the responsibility of protecting the normal realm from the monsters from the realm of Magano. These monsters are impurities that are linked to ying and yang created by human beings. However, the world is on the brink of Armageddon and the world’s salvation rests on the future child of Benio Adashino and Rokuro Enmadou who will be the reincarnation of the legendary exorcist […]

Quan Zhi Gao Shou / The King’s Avatar – An Anime Review

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“I remember all my opponent’s weaknesses very clearly,” – Ye Xiu The World of Glory Glory is a popular PC game played by both casual and professional players. The King’s Avatar explores competition and rivalries that make it great. The story begins with the forced retirement of Ye Qiu, the most popular professional player from his team Excellent Era. In reality, his real name is Ye Xiu and is a man in his twenties who has been playing Glory for ten years! How could he leave so easily? However, there is hope as he immediately rejoins the world of Glory in its new Tenth server. He continues playing and developing an old personal account until he can rejoin the Professional Alliance. Ye Xiu attracts interesting people both in-game and in real life due to his personality. Whether they are his friends or enemies, all of […]

Servamp : An Anime Review by Wakeida

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“It’s not about wanting to do something that you can do, it’s about what you do. It’s not about wanting to become someone, it’s about who you want to become.” -Licht Jekylland Todoroki A Description Shirota Mahiru lives a simple life with his frequently absent uncle and loyal friends. One day he picks up a stray cat, if only because it would be troublesome for him to worry about it later. He didn’t expect to pick up a vampire, nor did he expect for his life to become more troublesome by doing such a simple thing as naming it. Forced by circumstances, he becomes the vampire’s Eve and therefore its master. The vampire can only feed off his blood and in exchange follows Mahiru’s orders. Servamp follows the misadventures of Mahiru and his pet cat/servant vampire Kuro, as he enters a world he thought only […]

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedagure – An Anime Review by Wakeida

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“Being angry consumes energy and makes me tired. So I’d rather apologize, even if I’m not at fault. Besides, we get along, and we both want to stay friends. Prolonging an awkward situation out of stubbornness is just silly.” – Tanaka-kun A Description Tanaka-kun, is always listless. His primary goal in life is to achieve a state of constant relaxation. As a result he has specialized knowledge on the best way to sleep and relax. Much to the despair, amusement and fascination of his friends and others around him, he can sleep anywhere and in any situation. His friends are very capable people but have given up trying to make him an active member of society. Follow Tanaka-kun and his friends as they navigate school and the misadventures that life throws at them. The Main Characters Tanaka He is always falling asleep and is basically […]

Youjo Senki (Saga of Tanya the Evil ) : The Anime Review by Wakeida

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“Miracles are illusions caused by insufficient observation and understanding. They’re just… glorious misunderstandings.” Youjo Senki : A Description Tanya von Degurechaff is a child soldier due to her great aptitude for magic. Her only goal in this life is to have a stable income and to live in the safest position in wartime in order to live a comfortable life. Truthfully, she is actually a middle aged man who died in a parallel universe. At the moment of his death, he is visited by a self-proclaimed god whom he defiantly calls Being X and rejects his existence. As punishment, Being X sends her into a parallel universe where science has been replaced by magic. Unfortunately, reborn as Tanya, he refuses to find faith in Being X and this results in a struggle between the them even as the world descends into the chaos of war. […]