Honey and Clover

Honey and Clover: The Great Triumph after the Odds

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Hello again, I’m back for more to satisfy my palate from this scrumptious story.The gang is back for a deeper backstory, which made them the characters we cheer for the longest run. Giving us another season of our favorite melodramatic anime. Here’s a quick recap of the Honey and Clover‘s previous season, let us discuss the last episode. Takemoto traveled on a bicycle towards Cape Sōya, the northernmost point of the island of Hokkaido Japan. He came back on August 30th, the end of summer and rushed to see Hagumi sleeping. Takemoto quietly held her hand. He manages to confide his feelings. At last, our boy is now a man! Now let’s introduce our Main and Secondary characters in Honey and Clover Season 2. Main Characters Hagumi Hanamoto A fourth-year Art student in the series. Alongside the preparation for the festival, an unfortunate accident changes […]

Honey and Clover

Honey and Clover: A Way Through Life

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“You choose to give up or make an effort. There are only these two choices for humans to choose from. You have to honestly tell them your feelings. The rest is up to them. To make an effort, or to give up would then be their choice. It was the same for you. It’s the same for everyone.” -Chica Umino Ayo! Hello to everyone. I’m here today to review this wonderful anime called Honey and Clover. For those who have seen the series, what was your impression? Did it make you realize something deep or did it start breaking your heart, filling it with emotions? Sit back and let me share my insights through this review. Hoping for future readers to have a bit of sneak peek to this anime. Let’s get to know each and one of them shall we.   Honey and Clover Characters Hagumi […]


Potatoe’s corner

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So hello to all Fellow anime Fans! Salut Salutations to all! potatoes in the mix Oh Great hoomans! Let me just roll up and minced some spices for you to get to know me more. First of all, I’m currently at the bottom of the pit right now, for a human standard of living. To have this part-time job is a blessing in disguise. Moreover, in light of digital age, I’m your average MMORPG player mostly rage around to experience gaming at it’s finest but who cares, we play our own style. In addition to that, reading manga series and manhwa are my life’s precious and the same goes to anime. That being said, I will be thrilled to interact with everyone and I’ll try everything in my power to answer all your questions, with of course my wavelength of understanding *Derp* potato moments… Introverted and belongs outside […]