Death Note – Mia’s Manga Review

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Synopsis One day, a genius high school-er, Light Yagami found a notebook with “Death Note” words written on its cover. This magical notebook might cause a death of anyone whose name is written on it. After using it in a brutal way, Light Yagami meets with its original owner, Shinigami Ryuk, a god of death who accidentally drops his “Death Note” into human world. Knowing the intentions of Yagami who wants to rule the world, Ryuk accepts him and even offers to cooperate. Mysterious deaths of several people caused the public to panic and to be infuriated. To this extent, Yagami, who is know nicknamed as “Kira”, caught the attention of Interpol and world famous detective called “L”. By experimenting, “L” finally knows who is the mastermind of this incidents. This genius detective tries to lure Kira toward his trap. Thus, Kira and L begins […]


Literature Unveiled: A Book Girl Light Novel Review

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“When you close the book, does the story end? No! That’s such a bland way to read. Every story goes on forever in our imaginations, and its characters live on.” – Tohko Amano What would you think if on your school’s opening day you saw a girl in the shade eating a book? You’d probably think something along the lines of, “that’s weird,” and decide to avoid her. While the first part was true for Konoha, the second was  Synopsis: Konoha Inoue is a second year student in high school. When he first entered the school, he met Tohko Amano, a yokai girl who eats books. The two currently attend the school’s literature club, but as the only two members, they tend to slack off. Each day Tohko prepares writing prompts for Konoha so that he may write for her a story that tastes good. […]