Eureka 7: A Mecha Anime with a Twist

Eureka Seven LogoToday, I decided to review Eureka 7, one of the few mecha anime shows out there. The entire show is about two main characters and their relationship with one another. The real question is, did they get things right? Well, that’s a bit complicated in my own personal opinion. I’ll just cover it all here in my review.

Now, let’s get on with the review.

Eureka 7: The Good

First of all, Studio Bones is the creative mind behind Eureka 7. Although it doesn’t really take any chances. In terms of design, they’re very well-made. The characters are east to differentiate because all of them are quite unique. To add, the themes that this show presents also proves to be one of its strong points. Compared to mecha shows that came before it (and even after), Eureka 7 handles a range of extraordinary themes to the genre, usually relating back to the show’s pivotal relationship. Themes such as love, discrimination and war are all portrayed well and intertwined with the relationship between Eureka and Renton.

Eureka 7: More On The Good

Eureka 7Eureka 7 has a good cast of characters that do their job well.  In the show, Eureka and Renton are pretty well-conceived. Plus, they complement one another well. Eureka plays the somewhat emotionless character. On the other hand, Renton is just a normal teenager. However, he found himself in a strange situation one day.

When it comes to the supporting cast, they have some great moments through the series. This becomes the main source of several hilarious scenes in Eureka 7. This is another case of tons of characters syndrome, although it does feel like too many might be knowing around often times.

Eureka 7: The Bad Sides

Let’s now look at the bad sides of the series. As much as I loved the themes and Eureka’s and Renton’s evolution, it has a couple of serious drawbacks.

The biggest offender of them all is how the overarching plot takes a complete backseat in the show. Maybe it’s just me, but the early episodes seems to lack quality in setting up the entire plot. Considering how the entire series is arguable just one huge excuse plot for a mecha show where the two main characters fall in love. This isn’t actually bad, but seriously, I sometimes have a hard time understanding what they were doing.

Eureka 7: Overall Verdict

eureka 7

In order for you to love Eureka 7, you have to overlook the entire plot. You need to! Anything less and you’ll start losing it.

This show is for people who are looking for a good romantic plot with themes of acceptance and change thrown into the mix. When it comes to a well thought-out plot, Eureka 7 fails in that aspect. Regardless, I do like the series.

The show did something that other mecha shows avoided, and I like that. I enjoyed the advancements of both Renton and Eureka as the center piece of the series. The plot leaves something to be desired; however, the characters are able to carry the show to a heightened point.

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