Honey and Clover: The Great Triumph after the Odds

Hello again, I’m back for more to satisfy my palate from this scrumptious story.Honey and CloverThe gang is back for a deeper backstory, which made them the characters we cheer for the longest run. Giving us another season of our favorite melodramatic anime.

Here’s a quick recap of the Honey and Clover‘s previous season, let us discuss the last episode.

Takemoto traveled on a bicycle towards Cape Sōya, the northernmost point of the island of Hokkaido Japan. He came back on August 30th, the end of summer and rushed to see Hagumi sleeping. Takemoto quietly held her hand. He manages to confide his feelings. At last, our boy is now a man! Now let’s introduce our Main and Secondary characters in Honey and Clover Season 2.

Main Characters

Honey and CloverHagumi Hanamoto

A fourth-year Art student in the series. Alongside the preparation for the festival, an unfortunate accident changes everything. A cart tipped over, smashing the glass and raining the deadly shards down on her. She’s now on a path of whether to leave the world of the artistic and live a normal life. When she had finally seen Morita he was more shattered than ever and told him not to run away.





Honey and CloverYūta Takemoto

For a long time, Takemoto had wondered if a love that didn’t ripen had any meanings and if things that disappear were are the same things that weren’t there in the first place. He knew too that his love couldn’t be reciprocated, a Fourth-year architecture student in the series. Moreover, he will always watch over Hagumi and support her. Together with Morita, they had a fair share of talks and punches to one another.




Morita Honey and Clover

Shinobu Morita

The prince as quoted by Professor Shūji. He once again came to help his princess. Little do they show on the season1, Hagumi, and Morita like each other to the point, where Hagumi was too shy to eat in front of him and buy anything. Furthermore, she didn’t feel like going out anymore on that day with anyone besides Shūji. Later on, as shown in one of the episodes, Hagumi nonetheless understood Morita the most.



Honey and CloverYamada

Even though Yamada recognizes that her love will not bear fruit, she continues to love him. Later on in the series, she decides to continue pottery for Fujiwara and Harada Design. She manages to have one of  Mayama’s co-worker to notice her, which makes the game of tag relatively exciting for Nomiya.




Mayama Honey and CloverMayama

Mayama seems like a stalker through his co-workers at Fujiwara Design, because of how he describes as everything Nomiya hated. He only wants Yamada to be protected and will only see her as a little sister, which causes some misunderstanding later on from Yamada’s action.


To wish for your own happiness is sometimes coupled with another’s unhappiness. Since I couldn’t pray for my own happiness, I prayed to the moon in the night sky for the happiness of the one whose warm hand I held – Chica Umino

Secondary Characters

Rika Harada

The founder and manager of Harada Design, she is from Otaru in Hokkaido. In the light of all the hardship she has faced, her love for her late husband never fades. Equally as how Mayama, a well-known student way back aloof and cold, pursues her.


Honey and Clover

Kaoru Morita

Morita’s older brother has finally been revealed on the second season of Honey and Clover. Together with Morita’s help, he must earn a large sum of money.



Honey and CloverShūji Hanamoto

First, his artistic talent isn’t praiseworthy, not to mention his mind to teach others is well received by his peers Harada and Rika. Moreover, he was the one to take care of Rika after the accident, so that she wouldn’t try to join her late husband in death. In the light of all this he can’t help but wonder if dying alongside her husband, would make Rika happier, thus introducing Mayama to Rika as a new assistant; he believed Mayama’s companionship would be a healthy change for Rika.


Takumi Nomiya

He is the type of guy who throws a cell phone in the sea full of women’s number, without caring at all. As perceived by Mayama a playboy he will do anything to stop him and Yamada to meet, which happen later on in the series. He and Yamada shared one night together inside the Ferris wheel, which made quite a big commotion. In addition, he tries to be a respectable guy for Yamada.



Honey and Clover



Furthermore, the things you do and the things beyond capable are met which equals side, clashing who takes control. To each and one of us did you honestly remember those bittersweet days of falling in love.




Honey and Clover


One of my favorite parts of Honey and Clover II is when Hagumi fell into a standstill until her prince came. Making sure that she draws again Morita gave Shuji a bag full of money. You may have noticed that Shuji is overly protective of Hagumi when it comes to romance and yet he doesn’t forbid Morita and Hagumi’s feelings for one another.


Honey and Clover
The relationship is more fragile than it seems, never-ending cycles of happiness and sorrow. To be the better version of yourself or the worst. How can you prove the feelings you harbor over the instant gratification, you have felt with that person. Was it a rebound or eventually love will take over?


Hagumi quoted this in one of the earlier episodes ”I love the rain. I love how it softens the outlines of things. The world becomes softly blurred, and I feel like I melt right into it” this is how she felt for Shuji.




Honey and Clover

I wonder how you’re supposed to give up. Do I just decide to give up and act so? And move further and further away from what my heart really wants? Then will I forget everything one day? – Quoted by Yamada as she bid farewell to this bitter feeling. I hope this new blossoming romance be worth of all that ache as Nomiya slowly but surely captivate our girl.



Honey and clover


Takemoto went with a happy smile given by Hagumi, wishing him the happiness he deserves, she packed several slices of no-crust bread forming a large sandwich to his surprise the fillings are honey and a four-leaf clover between each piece.


Overall the characters embodied the reality of everything when it comes to friendship, love, and dreams. Don’t forget the awesome Supuritto(Split) soundtrack which helps us love more this anime. I hope Honey and Clover II gave you the joy and sadness it made feel throughout the journey.

Potatoe out! See you next time!

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