The Kindaichi Case Files: A Review on Kindaichi’s Mysteries

The Kindaichi Case Files Volume 1 of the Series, Opera House MurdersThe Kindaichi Case Files mystery-themed manga centers around the young detective Hajime Kindaichi. He’s Kosuke Kindaichi‘s grandson, a famous detective from whom he got his detective skills. Now there’s some strong genes passed down from one generation to the other.

The Kindaichi Case Files series is one of the earliest mystery mangas in Japan. The series started serialization in the Weekly Shonen Magazine in 1992. In addition, back in 1995, the manga gained recognition by winning the Kodansha Manga Award for shonen. Furthermore, the serialization of the new Kindaichi series started in 2004; however, it wasn’t on a regular basis until 2012.

The continuation of the manga’s serialization in 2012 was to commemorate the series’ 20th year anniversary. In 2013, regular serialization continued with the title changed into The Kindaichi Case Files R (Returns). Moreover, the series ranked 2nd and 3rd in a Japanese Comic Ranking. Now there’s something worth knowing about the series.

Additional Information

Tokyopop is the one who published the series in English. Tokyopop was also responsible for publishing the only 3 volumes of CLAMP’s Legal Drug. However, only 17 volumes (the first Kindaichi series) are available in English. That’s not really quite enough for some. Nevertheless, the series is currently airing on Animax Asia as The File of Young Kindaichi in Japanese having English subtitles.

The Kindaichi Case Files Overview

Kindaichi mysteries are “Who’s done it?” kind of stories that features (usually multiple) gory murders, sometimes having a hint of the supernatural. Usually, they frequently feature a locked room mystery, or even seemingly impossible crimes. One example would be murders taking place when all surviving suspects have strong alibis. They may be believable to say the least, but Kindaichi never failed to unveil their true agendas.

In addition, money isn’t always the reason why these murders took place. The suspected killers all have deep rooted problems. Sometimes involving a great emotional trauma through the greed and thoughtlessness of others as reasons for committing such crimes. Therefore, murderers are sympathetic in this series and not the cold ones. Once found out, the murderer/s would make an attempt to end their lives. Some did end their lives, while some lived.

More From Overview: The Story’s Plot

By plot, I mean about how the characters in the story go through everyday life and not about the cases. If I would rate it, it would be a 7 out of 10. Why a 7? I hate to admit it, but the love between Miyuki (Kindaichi’s childhood friend and love interest) and Kindaichi are a bit boring. The plot of the series is really good though, which made me stay and enjoy the series.

The Creepy Factor

Comparing it with Detective Conan, The Kindaichi Case Files is a whole lot creepy. As much as I love the cases, it sometimes gave me nightmares when I read the manga series as a young teenager. The Kindaichi Case Files should be all about the creep factor and spine-shuddering scenarios. Nonetheless, I love them all! Plus, I love the fact that it’s so different from Detective Conan. However, it’s still the same type of anime for the most part.

The Mystery Factor

Unlike Detective Conan, it’s hard to guess some of the culprits in The Kindaichi Case Files. The evidence always seems to point at another person. However, when Kindaichi solves the cases, it’s like “TADA! Surprised?” Perhaps, the only blunder I’ve noted is that there are chapters and even episodes of the anime that include some sort of suspicious activities committed by other characters. It tends to get a bit confusing at times. Still, the mystery factor is on 10.


Overall, The Kindaichi Case Files Series is something that will stir your mind to think like a detective. The mysteries will surely make you wonder why the murderer did the crime in the first place. In some cases, you’ll sometimes see yourself in the shoes of the murderer. You feel sympathy for them and why commit murder in the first place.

I would strongly recommend that you read the manga and watch the anime of The Kindaichi Case Files. Even though I may have posted a bit of negative feedback, The Kindaichi Case Files is still worth your time. Trust me, I’ve been following this series for a long time now.

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