Kuroko no Basuke: Last Game Movie Review

Kagami and the Generation of Miracles are back in a game that is sure to shake Japan! Join the Vorpal Swords in their fight again the unruly Jabberwocks in Kuroko no Basuke: Last Game.

 General Information

Kuroko no Basuke EXTRA GAME is a spinoff manga by author and illustrator Tadatoshi Fujimaki. Based on this spinoff series comes Kuroko no Basuke: Last Game, an anime movie that aired in the year 2017. The film spans a decent duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

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From the far shores of America comes Jabberwock, a team of unruly street basketball players whose skills resemble NBA players. In an exhibition match, Jabberwock easily defeats Strky, a team of former third-year players from the Interhigh and Winter Cup. Jabberwock doesn’t play by the rules and the gap between the teams’ strengths is evident. Because of this, Kagetora Aida challenges them to a match and assembles the Vorpal Swords. Composed of the Generation of Miracles and Kagami, they are the only ones to stand a chance against the Jabberwocks.

Eny’s Thoughts on Kuroko no Basuke: Last Game

To begin with, let’s start with a little background on the Kuroko no Basuke series. With 3 seasons prior to this film, the franchise is a big hit for fans of Shounen and basketball. Imagine the hype once announcement of its release spread online! At any rate, I’ll be listing down Last Game’s best features and why KnB fans loved it.


First off, the film’s plot is decent and succeeds the quality of its previous official series. Fans of the franchise get to see their old favorites from past seasons and see how much the characters matured. Since the Generation of Miracles rarely play as a team, seeing them all together in this movie really brings joy to its audience. With both the Vorpal Swords and the Jabberwocks playing at full potential, the transition of the game is indeed a sight to behold.

Fun Fact: The teams’ names originate from Lewis Carroll’s poem, Jabberwocky. A vorpal sword is used to defeat the creature “Jabberwock”, hence their opposing team names.


Look, I’ll be honest. While I really love the art and animation of the film, the boys’ hairstyles are rather unsatisfactory. I get that they matured and all, but that’s no reason to ruin the perfect hairstyles they had back then. Nevertheless, the art is still absolutely amazing!


Of course, we can’t forget our badass Generation of Miracles and the fiery Kagami! Now that they’re all mature, we can see the big difference in how they see each other as a team. The Jabberwocks prove to be formidable foes, and they play the role of antagonists well.


Although the music department is not the film’s strong suit, the ending song Glorious Days by GRANRODEO sets the perfect upbeat theme for the movie. Apart from that, the soundtracks spread throughout the film’s duration are still commendable.


Given all these points, Kuroko no Basuke: Last Game is a fitting end to a great Shounen series. There aren’t many sports anime that catch my eye, but KnB will always have a secure spot in my favorites. I recommend watching the first 3 seasons first before seeing this film since there will be some timeskips that won’t make much sense. All in all, Kuroko no Basuke: Last Game perfectly sums up the KnB franchise with a blast of colors. Man, I’ll miss those rainbow miracles!


Check out the official preview for Kuroko no Basuke: Last Game!

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