Made in Abyss: Lylia’s Anime Review

Made in Abyss, also known as Meido in Abisu, is a seinen kind of series that underneath its cute appearance, gradually goes down on an adventure despite holding some darker secrets.

Made in Abyss, Regu and Riko
Regu and Riko

Synopsis on Made in Abyss

Riko is an adventurous girl who wants to go ahead and see her mother whom she never once met. She lives in the town named Orth on an island called the sea of Beoluska. On the center of this town lies the abyss, a giant hole on the depths of the earth. The Abyss contains relics, mystical monsters and exotic things. In order for Riko meet her mother, called “Lyza The Annihilator,” she must be a “white whistle” first. White whistler can go much deeper than the first layer. To note, Riko is a red whistler who can only explore the first layer.

On a hunt for relics in the first layer, Riko discovers a robot from the abyss and names him Regu. On another day, items from the Abyss seems to contain a message addressed to her from “Lyza the Annihilator.” Thus, Riko starts her journey to the bottom of the Abyss.

Lylia’s First Impression

My first impression about Made in Abyss is that it’s a perfect kid’s television show. It might look amusing and gave my own eyes a spark of interest.

From episode 3, the map of Abyss
From episode 3, the map of Abyss


Lylia’s Thoughts on Made in Abyss

On the whole series…

I’ll give a small warning before you dive into watching this series: Made in Abyss really lured me to the best as my curiosity goes. Part of myself still thinks I made a wrong decision, but I never thought that I’ll also journey with them to the depths of the abyss. The characters may look like chibi from spin-offs, but later on, you’ll realize that it’s been the way they are designed in the whole series.

On the music…

The way every background music (or bgm) enters the scene made me feel like I’m alive on the journey of Regu and Riko. I have no idea how I didn’t notice until the series ends. (lol!) But seriously, I think it’s awesome. I think I heard one background music that is a tad same from one bgm from Ragnarok Online.

Riko, Regu and Nanachi sang the ending song Tabi no Hidarite, Saihate no Migite. I like how they hold hands as they are best friends going on a journey to the depths of the abyss without thinking of anything else but having fun to themselves.

Riko and Regu sang the opening theme song Deep in Abyss. In this song, what I like is the feelings they put in while adventuring, and how Riko felt the longing while searching for her mother in the depth of the abyss.

On a particular quote…

I find it hard to say this, but…
if you come back and say, “It’s impossible, after all,” it would be very nice…
I’ve seen off all kinds of people who leave on journeys they won’t return from…
But today is the saddest I’ve ever felt.

Marulk said in this to Reg and Riko from episode 8 journeying to the Third Layer of the Abyss, the “Great Fault”.
This is the beginning of the crying feast. But seriously, it’s like seeing best friends being forced to separate. It just pains my heart.

Lylia’s Theory on Made in Abyss

(DISCLAIMER: I will leave this in white font color to be highlighted by those who wishes to read my speculations.)

**I think in this series, Made in Abyss, Reg already met with Lyza, with his hazy memory of her. And I also think Lyza is kind of ordering him to meet with Riko to pull her down to the last floor of Abyss. This is making me curious, that I’m itching to read the manga. >w<**

More on Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss is a manga series that Akihito Tsukushi wrote. Takeshobo published the manga on Web Comic Gamma in 2012. Kinema Citrus adapted the first season of Made in Abyss aired last season from July to September 2017. I heard that there will be a second season of this wonderful series. (Hype, yes!!)

My Conclusion on Made in Abyss

I’m actually encouraging people to watch this series. Just bare with the chibi if you hate it, but the plot is a masterpiece. You might definitely get hooked up with the story before you even know it. If you can watch just one gore scene from this series, I can also a thumbs up or even hail you, hahaha! Nonetheless, the decision is still up to you.

Here’s a cute Nanachi from the last parts of the series~ ❤

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