Mairunovich – Mia’s manga review

General Information

Mairunovich ( マ イ ル ノ ビ ッ チ or Mairunobicchi ) is a shoujo manga written by Zakuri Sato , which has been serialized in the Margaret magazine from 20 December 2010 to 19 April 2014. It has 76 chapters which were then collected into 12 volumes, published by Shueisha under the label Margaret Comics. In Italy, the manga has been published by Star Comics since October 2013.


All of it began when a high school girl named Kinoshita Mairu used to being fingered because she is ugly. Her friends gave her a ridiculous nickname “poisonous mushroom” and even his big brother treats her with disdain. One day, she gets trapped and humiliated by a boy. It was then that she decides to change radically under the impetus of the “king” of high school, Kumada Tenyuu . Thanks to her neighbor Fuwari-chan, an opportunity to start a new life opens to our protagonist. She can finally take revenge!

Judging from the synopsis, it’s pretty interesting, right? Kinoshita may have faced many difficulties, but you can smell a romance at its the end. Let love be in the air ( still in Valentine vibes!!!! >w< )

What you will like about Mairunovich 💌💌💌

Lots of Characters | (• ◡•)| (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)

Mairunovich is not your average series. It does not only focus to two or three main characters for the whole story from the beginning to the end. Honestly, its huge variety of characters make this manga a lot more interesting to read. Note that after totally changing her appearance, Kinoshita dated a lot of boys, so you could see several guys in this manga. (Their dating situation is funny sometimes.)

Detailed Art ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

The art of this manga is pretty clean and detailed. However, I must admit. I find every art in shoujo manga pretty similar to one another. It seems that they follow this one big rule: they should be beautiful and gorgeous. Even the ugly version of Kinoshita is still beautiful. Overall, I find the art style in this manga perfect and amazing.

Represents Women’s Concern


The story of this manga represents the concern of most women these days, with the story revolving on how a person’s appearance affect his or her life. Sad as it is, it does happen in real life. Like for example, someone is being bullied in her school because she is not good-looking, or because she doesn’t use the same beauty product as everyone do and so on. This is why I think this manga can be a source of motivation to those girls.

Life morale

By reading this manga, I realized that everyone is beautiful in their own way. These days, many people – mostly women – feel insecure about their appearance. I am not sure what the writer thought about when creating this manga but more or less I think that Mairunovich was able to show how ladies can be more confident with their look, especially with Kinoshita realizing that she is actually beautiful by applying a little make-up.


To wrap this up, I would say this manga beat every famous shoujo manga out there. I certainly fell in love with how pure and lovely this Mairunovich is. Try it out sometime too.!!! Have a happy month of Valentines, everyone! ❤❤❤


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