Hey dudes! Its Mec here, a new author here in AnimeCite, Glad to meet ya! I like playing the piano, watching anime and reading books. I’ve always loved sharing my opinion on certain topics, so being an author here is an amazing opportunity.

Writing stories has been a passion for years now, from drama to something mellow, sometimes even drawing them. It feels nice when I learn a new song to play, I feel achieved xD

If you’re good at self-loathing, I know for sure that I’m better :3

|Extra information|

I love punk and alternative rock such as My Chemical Romance, Bring me the Horizon and Linkin Park.

If ever you have a melody in mind for the piano, recommend me some, I’d love to play it.

Pixel art is a thing I need to work on, but I’d glady take requests from anyone, if so private message me on my facebook.

I have no clue what else to write.

Y e s

P.S. I am a human, wandered this world for 16 years, twisting and turning until fate decides my purpose one day, and until that day comes, I’ll review :3

Facebook is here :3

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