The Quest for Peace – A Naruto Shippuden Review

Title: Naruto Shippuden
Year: 2007 to 2017
Episodes: 500
Manga Written By Masashi Kishimoto
Anime TV Series Written By Katsuyuki Sumisawa (Episodes #1–132), Junki Takegami (Episodes #133–220)
Studio: Pierrot
Genres: Action, Comedy, Super Power, Martial Arts, Shounen

General Information

Naruto Shippuden is the sequel to original Naruto Anime. It resembles part 2 of the manga. The series ended this year on March 23. The English dubbed version released 416 episodes.

Video games on Naruto Shippuden series have been released on various consoles by Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. Namco Bandai sold total 10 million games worldwide.


Naruto Shippuden is far more exciting than the previous one. Battles in this sequel are most exciting. Secret techniques of the enemy and the counter strategy of the heroes will make you breathless. Politics in the Leaf Village is more confusing. It’s hard to know who is an enemy or an ally. Exceptional turn of events will make you surprised. Hard to say who is being manipulated and who is manipulating. Layers of layers in the darkness will make you wonder what’s going on. The secret past of the village will amaze you.

Yes. Naruto Shippuden means this much excitement. It will take forever to discuss the whole story. So I will talk about the main events briefly.

Story Synopsis

The story continues after Naruto original series. The main character and his friends grow into teenagers. Sasuke is still a rogue. Akatsuki is now active and collecting the tailed beasts. Orochimaru and Kabuto are still up to no good. Danzo is spreading webs everywhere.

You will find every old character with a new look. They changed so much. Some old characters in this series will even make you think twice about them. Unlike the original series, the story of this sequel flows in a one-way direction. But there are so many things to discuss.

The Shinobi World

Naruto Shippuden introduces us to other new nations. So, it’s not about the Leaf Village anymore. Now, it’s about the whole shinobi world.

Naruto and his friends are tougher than ever.

Well, Naruto and his friends are all grown up now and they are far stronger than before. The village, at last, acknowledges Naruto as a hero. Sasuke fulfills his revenge but, seems that Itachi was forced to kill his fellow clan. Itachi actually was a hero in the mask of a bad guy who, always supported Leaf Village from behind the shadow. That makes Sasuke more vengeful. Now his only motive is to destroy the Leaf Village. Gaara is now the Hokage of the Sand village. Sakura is now one of the best medical ninjas of leaf village. Hinata gets to express her affection for Naruto at last.

Motives of Akatsuki

Akatsuki is now the greatest threat ever to the ninja world. They are fully active and collecting the tailed beasts. During the battle with Naruto, Pain (founder of Akatsuki) states the motive of Akatsuki: to achieve peace. Akatsuki wants to dominate the shinobi world by force and use all the tailed beast to spread fear. But Naruto believes that kind of peace is nothing but a lie. Naruto follows the teaching of his master Jiraiya. Unfortunately, while Pain is also a student if Jiraiya, the hardship he faced made him believe that the vision of Jiraiya is just an illusion.


Indeed, it’s pretty interesting to find that both the heroes and Akatsuki’s main motive is to achieve peace. Naruto Shippuden will make you feel pity even for the villains. You will find Pain’s logic irresistible. You will be amazed to know in the later part that Akatsuki was only a tip of the iceberg.

Mysterious Masked Man and The Legendary Madara

Throughout the whole anime, you will find so many people talking about legendary Madara Uchiha. Well, the Madara is back. A mysterious masked man Tobi informs Sasuke that Itachi actually was a spy working for the Leaf Village. And he was forced to kill his whole clan to save the village and his beloved little brother Sasuke. Knowing the truth Sasuke, decides to take revenge on the whole Leaf Village. He attacks the Kage summit to assassinate Danzo. Tobi appears the summit to save Sasuke and reveals himself as the legendary Madara. Madara then declares the 4th great ninja war against the whole Shinobi world.

Allied shinobi forces and the 4th Great ninja war

Threatened by Madara all villages of the shinobi world forms an alliance throwing their differences aside. The Allied Shinobi force consisted of 80,000 ninjas and samurais were divided into 8 divisions to fight the war against the Akatsuki.

On the other side, Akatsuki already had 100,0000 white Zetsu clones as foot soldiers and the captured 7 tailed beasts. Kabuto joins Akatsuki and added 53 reincarnated legendary ninjas to make the army even stronger.

To Conclude

I really enjoyed the sequel a lot other than the boring filler episodes. This time they really crossed my patience. 219 filler episodes in a 500 episode anime can you believe that?

The anime series actually is intensely focused on its characters, Each character is different from the others. The series is less focused on the idea of being a ninja as much as it was on what being a ninja meant to its different characters. There is a very good chance that you might find a character who resembles yours.

The most prominent place you’ll find this great animation is in the intensely imaginative and often pretty violent fight scenes. The combat is never really a case of who’s stronger but more whose smarter and whose more creative and who’s better prepared. Attacks tended to be clever and focused as opposed to the usual excessive displays of force and this gave the fights a certain intimacy not found in other shows. Don’t you believe me? well just watch the battle between Rock Lee and Gara. It will certainly change your mind.

The story of this anime is really is one of a kind. I find it interesting that, both sides want to establish peace but, they are fighting because their concept of establishing peace is different. The war is the most exciting story in the series But, the stories of various characters’ background is no less. I would like to rate the story 8 out of 10.

So, in the end, I would really like to recommend you to watch the series.

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