Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni: The Crane beyond the scraps

Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni, also known as In This Corner of the World in English is a  Japanese animated wartime drama film produced by MAPPA. The film is based on the manga written and illustrated by Fumiyo Kōno.

 Animatsu Entertainment licensed the global distribution rights of the film in June 2016. Shout! Factory has acquired the distribution rights for North America, with a U.S. theatrical release on August 11, 2017, co-released by Funimation Films.

Here’s a quick preview of this magnificent movie. Credits to Animatsu Entertainment


Set in the timeline of 1930s–1940s where World War II being experienced by Japanese people, a young daydreamer embarks to the world full of hardship as she experiences adulthood along the way. Suzu was a talented illustrator who lives in Hiroshima and Kure, an unknown young man, had suddenly proposed to her, after remembering seeing Suzu ten years ago. With fantastic experiences, Suzu married him and moved to Kure, a large port city which is an hour away from Hiroshima when using a local train. The port is facing the Seto Inland Sea and widely known as the largest military base of Imperial Japanese Navy. Thus, this is where our story unfolds.

Main Characters

In this Corner of the worldSuzu Hojo (née Urano)

She was 18 years-old at the start of the film. She was a dreamer, every day she draws to the point where she uses a little pencil throughout the week. One of her remarkable traits is she never gives up which is later on shows in the movie. She helped this ‘Zashiki-warashi house spirit’, giving a melon and a kimono to wear. She will definitely be helped by this spirit in the movie.



In this corner of the worldShusaku Hojo

The unknown young man, until later revealed he met Suzu in her early years. Earnest and quiet person. A judicial officer at Military Court in Kure.







Supporting Characters

In this corner of the worldTetsu Mizuhara

One of Suzu’s childhood friend, a Navy sailor of the Japanese cruiser Aoba. Suzu drew a picture of “Sea Waves and White Rabbits” for him when he was very depressed by facing the death of his brother. He has a romantic feeling towards Suzu until adulthood, which made Shūsaku uncertain to whether Suzu’s feelings towards him were love or a sense of duty.







In this corner of the worldHarumi Kuromura

A six-year-old girl at the start of the movie, sweet niece Harumi. She is kind, cheerful and honest. One of the scenes where she was earnest to make Suzu’s hair black due to stress which made her have a bald spot. She is fond of seeing warships in the sea, as her brother, Hisao, who lives in Shimonoseki, told her about the ships when living together.




In this corner of the worldKeiko Kuromura

Shusaku’s older sister, Harumi’s mother, and a widow. She inherits a judgmental sister-in-law Keiko, but this is one of the characters which made our Suzu headstrong. Despite her losses, she experienced in the movie. She supported Suzu, even when their relationship had a strain. A woman with conviction.





in this corner of the worldYoichi Urano

Suzu’s older brother. He is drafted into the army and sent to fight in the southern Pacific Ocean. Only a single stone is sent home in place of his remains.






In this Corner of the WorldSumi Urano

Suzu’s younger sister, a beauty, and the supporter of Suzu to whichever she does. Sumi is employed as a factory worker by the Imperial Japanese Army under the National Mobilization Law of Japan.







In this corner of the worldEntaro Hojo

Shūsaku’s father, an engineer at Hiro Naval Arsenal. He encouraged Shūsaku in tough times.







In this corner of the worldSan Hojo

Shūsaku’s mother. She is kindhearted and was ill at the start of the movie.






In this corner of the world Juro Urano

Suzu’s father. He owned a family business to cultivate and trade seaweeds but later became a factory worker.







In this corner of the worldKiseno Urano

Suzu’s mother. Missing after the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, she goes shopping to the center of Hiroshima city in preparation for the summer festival early morning on 6th August in 1945.








In this Corner of the worldRin Shiraki

A courtesan working in Kure with whom Suzu talks to after getting lost in the city. A friend you may call for Suzu. She adores Suzu’s illustration and imagination. She had an unhappy childhood and had a strange relationship with Suzu. Unknowingly she and Suzu met at Kusatsu, where Suzu’s grandma resides.








A marvelous movie, an in-depth story line, and nonetheless a fantastic combo of a soundtrack Kanashikute Yarikirena (I Can’t Bear How Sad It Is), plus Illustrated by Fumiyo Kōno. The tone is sentimental, and the hand-drawn artwork which etched in our minds.


In this corner of this world

In this little world of ours there are people fighting to stay alive that we may not have known about. Thus I urge you to watch this wonderful artwork. Prepare your eyes out as it hits you. A little story of a girl which she experienced hell for losing every part of her being, going forward like a flying crane, soaring the dark sky beneath those pile of shredded part of what you call bombs and airplanes is a beautiful town where people had to survive.

What I loved about this movie

A precious laugh was shared by the family in one of the scenes in the movie when an Officer accused Suzu of being a spy due to her drawings. Which made the family chuckle at the side, while the officer lectures Suzu. They took her drawing book and pencil which made Suzu sad. Her husband, later on, gave her a piece of paper and a pencil for her to draw. For it is one of the qualities that made him love her and saved their lives in the first this corner of this world

The film showed us the scenes and dreams of Suzu’s childhood, which unfolds thru her sketches bringing us the view of what she sees and to what we see.
In this corner of this world

Every stone and wood that once made a beautiful home, now a pile of dirt, for them to stay alive. In spite of the food shortage, Suzu made efforts to get over the hard conditions during the wartime and to prepare to mitigate the bombing damage. The hardship of those times and how blessed that we are now experiencing.

There will always be an imperfection to their love story, who loved and lost. Choosing that person in spite of all the arguments, the shortcoming and the tragedy they had experience. Suzu remains faithful to Shūsaku, a child had found its way into their lives, this is the beginning of their new-found family.In this corner of this world

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