Strobe Edge – Mia’s manga review

Hello, how was everyone? 🖐Times past by in a blink of eyes and now we are in the mid of March. Actually do you know that each month of the year has its own meaning? March embodies a kind of reigniting of the hearts and consciousness of humankind. One of the symbolic flowers in this month is shamrock, ☘☘☘ which we know as clover. Clover may symbolize luck and fighting spirit 💪💪💪. Therefore, in this month we have to put in our souls the spirit of March in everything we do and believe that luck will be with you the whole year.


Anyway, this time I would like to review a story about pure love 💞💞or something similar to first love. I believe all of you had your first love, right? Try to recall your memory, how was he or she when the first time both of you met? What makes you like him or her? Or does your heart simply beats faster when he or she is around you? Strobe Edge is the best choice of manga to read when you want to recall the memory of that time.

General Information

Strobe Edge (Japanese: ストロボ・エッジ Hepburn: Sutorobo Ejji) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Io Sakisaka. It began serialization in 2007 in the shōjo manga magazine Bessatsu Margaret and ended in 2010. The chapters are collected and bound in tankōbon format by Shueisha under the Margaret Comics label. The manga is licensed in North America by Viz Media with its first volume released in November 2012. A live-action film adaptation had its theatrical release on March 14, 2015.

Strobe Edge’s Synopsis

It tells the love story of a pure girl, named Ninako. Ninako has a crush on her school popular guy, Ren. Although she knows that Ren were in a committed relationship with Mayuka Korenaga, yet Ninako still hid her feelings well. Many situations naturally happened then cause both Ninako and Ren grew closer to each other than before. Lots of obstacles and intervention from the third party cause them to drift apart but then for those who believe in true love knows that it will never die.

Reading this manga will boost up your confidence!! Cause no matter if you’re shorter than any girls do or you’re not as smart as the primadona in your school or you’re not as pretty as your role model but come on girls, you still deserve the best!!! Raise your chin and act as who you truly are. Don’t act as somebody else just to be loved by others!! Strobe edge proves to you that even an ordinary girl could be with the every girl’s ideal guy.

Manga vs Live-action

The two hours live-action version were directed by Ryuichi Hiroki. Ninako were played by Kasumi Arimura and Ren were played by Sota Fukushi. More or less, the live action version will not be a hundred percent similar with the manga version. Just imagine all volumes of the manga were compressed to a 2 hours movie; it won’t be possible. However, most of the memorable moments in the manga are not removed in the live-action version.

For me, the manga version is still on lead than the movie version. I’m not saying that the movie version is not good but Kasumi’s acting quite disappointing for me since she can not pull out Ninako’s character from herself. Feels like something is lacking but I don’t know about the others. Maybe some of you will prefer the movie version. Well, it’s all depends on your preference.


To conclude this,  Io Sakisaka’s project will still be the best in my heart. I don’t know why. I just feel so clicked with Io’s work. Hope that Io will still produce a marvelous work like Strobe Edge. Can’t wait XD

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