Battle Between The Creators and The Creations, A Re:Creators Anime Review

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Title: Re:Creators Manga Written By Daiki Kase Year: April 19, 2017 – present Magazine: Monthly Sunday Gene-X Anime TV Series Written By Rei Hiroe, Ei Aoki Episodes: 22 Studio: Troyca Year:April 8, 2017 – September 16, 2017 Genres: Action, Alternate History, Super Natural, Fantasy   “The world requires choice and resolution. Embrace it and face it.” – Meteora Österreich – Re:Creators Introduction Let’s think that we are the famous manga authors. Our stories are full of wars, deaths, sufferings and sorrows. The main characters that we created as heroes love their world. Therefore, they are trying their best to get rid of the war and the miseries. Suddenly those characters came to our world. Hence realize that their world is just a story to entertain the peoples in this realm. Seems like they think you authors are the one responsible for their and their world’s miseries. This is the base […]

The Downfall A Bleach Anime Review

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Title: Bleach Manga Written By Tite Kubo Volume: 74 Chapter: 686 Year: August 20, 2001 – August 22, 2016 Magazine: Weekly Shonen Jump Anime TV Series Written By Masashi Sogo (#1–167, 190–229, 266–366) Kento Shimoyama (#168–189) Tsuyoshi Kida (#230–265) Episodes: 366 Studio: Studio Pierrot Year: October 5, 2004 – March 27, 2012 Genres: Action, Alternate History, Super Natural, Martial Arts, Science Fantasy “The difference between the strength… What about it? Do you think I should give up just because you are stronger than me?” — Ichigo Kurosaki           Introduction The late-1980s in Hiroshima. A teacher announces the last day of the class before transferring to another school. A young boy as a parting gift gives the teacher a drawing. The boy’s favorite teacher is so impressed that he would later show the drawing to his new students. Quickly word began to spread about the boy’s immense […]

Yu-Gi-Oh Manga

Yu-Gi-Oh The Manga Review

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  Breakdown Before it was one of the most played CCG’s around or even a well known anime Yu-Gi-Oh was a manga. Surprisingly, many fans know little about it. Some never even knew there was a manga. Despite this, the Yu-Gi-Oh manga still holds a place in the hearts of many. Whether you’re already a fan of the universe or a newcomer should you check this manga out? Let’s help you decide. Synopsis Young Yugi is just a typical high school kid living with his grandpa. Shy, kindhearted yet of strong will he’s oftentimes the victim of bullying by other students in his school. His small stature and soft spoken nature don’t exactly help. Yet one day he receives a precious gift from his grandpa. An old, ancient Egyptian artifact that’s an almost impossible to solve puzzle. Despite the challenges, Yugi somehow manages to do […]