Charlotte (anime)

Cogito Ergo sum: A Charlotte Anime Review

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A Synopsis on Charlotte: Yuu Otosaka is far from being a normal student. He has the power to posses anyone within his eyesight’s range. His power goes like “I think I am someone else, thus I then become him/her.” There are limitations to this ability though. First, he can only do so within 5 seconds. And second, his body loses its consciousness in the process. For a student like Yuu, grades are pretty much important. As such, his target is to be part of an elite school. Finally, he comes up with a plan which sounds absurd and yet clever at the same time. He starts stalking cram schools searching for the best students. The day of the entrance exam came. Yuu starts to possess smart students one after the another, memorize their answers, and then go back to his body to write them. With […]

K-On Anime Visual

Afterschool Tea-Time: A K-On! Anime Review

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“He’s so cute I want to put peanuts on his nose!” – Yui Hirasawa You’ve probably heard the name K-On! at some point, no matter what kind of anime fan you are. Likewise, you’ve probably seen a K-On! cosplayer if you’ve ever been to an anime convention. What exactly is K-On!? Honestly speaking, the anime is cute through and through. It’s so cute that the artistic style the anime studio, Kyoto Animation used for it, continued to exist in Kyoto Animation’s works for several unrelated anime series afterwards. In fact, if it weren’t for its cuteness, K-On! would be nothing. Synopsis: Yui Hirasawa is a new first year student in high school. While searching for a club, she discovers the light music club, which happens to be desperate to gain more members in order to prevent the club from disbanding. As Yui walks into the […]

Hanayamata Cover

Dance with Me: A Hanayamata Anime Review

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Zien’s Synopsis: The story begins with Naru Sekiya, a 14-year old girl who loves fairy tales. She has average set of talents and skills and she is extremely aware of it. She was hoping that everything would change when she goes to high school, but her situation remained the same…. until that day when she meets a dancing fairy. Well, reality is, there are no fairies. The one Naru met at the shrine after delivering a package to their customer is Hana Fountainstand. Hana is an American transfer student who loves the Japanese culture, and in particular, the yosakoi dance. She even wants to build a club for yosakoi. To Naru’s surprise, Hana even goes as far as following her everywhere to become the club’s first member! Will Naru take this opportunity? Will she finally be “dazzling” just like the others? Zien’s Thoughts on Hanayamata: […]

Aoharu X Kikanjuu : An Anime Review by Wakeida

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  Summary Tachibana Hotaru makes a habit of rescuing everyone in her path. So it is not surprising that she goes charging to her friends rescue without full knowledge of the situation. She mistakenly accuses Matsuoka Masamune of taking advantage of her friend. Without hesitation, she seeks him out and attacks him. However , Tachibana does not expect him not only to retaliate but to stop her so easily. In actual fact, he is a top host and her friend fell for his charms! Since she damages property in his workplace, he has her pay the debt by joining his team. Masamune-san is a veteran participant in ‘Survival Games’ and wants to enter his team into the next major competition. Of course things wouldn’t be that simple. The team Toy Gun Gun does not allow female players and they think she is a guy! How will […]