Beatless Review

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Breakdown There’s no shortage of media depicting a world where man-made AI has run amok, becoming humanity’s greatest enemy. Yet even in our present day, aggressive research into developing AI continues. Take a moment and imagine then a world where AI has led to advances we can’t even begin to imagine. In this world humanoid machines, will AI live with humans though our lack of understanding incites fear? Is co-existence possible? These are the questions sent towards the audience in Beatless. Is this anime worth watching though? Read on to find out. Synopsis In the near future, society has become even more digital than we currently know. Advances in AI has led to the automation of various menial tasks. This ranges from everything to groceries without staff and cashiers to the daily operation of a ‘smart city’s’ infrastructure. Tasks which require a more ‘human’ and direct […]


Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS Review

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Breakdown   Yu-Gi-Oh seems set on competing with the likes of Pokemon. That is, it wants the record for being one of the longest running anime series around. Where Pokemon’s Ash can’t seem to age or hit puberty though, Yu-Gi-Oh gives us an entirely new protagonist and setup each time. Fast forward almost 5 series since the original and we’ve now arrived at Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS. Is this latest iteration of the franchise worth watching or is Yu-Gi-Oh long past its prime and in need of retirement? Synopsis If, like myself, you’re only familiar with the original Yu-Gi-Oh and only vaguely so with the others you have some catching up to do. Since the tale of the original the series has gone far off into the future. We went from the near future to a somewhat dystopian one to a future utopia. Along the way the original card […]


Coppelion Review

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Breakdown     Spiderman got his powers after getting bitten by a radioactive spider. On the other hand, these teen-aged schoolgirls are radiation proof. Able to stroll through a post apocalyptic wasteland in their school uniform skirts and shirts, they even have some special powers to boot. Together, they are navigating the ruins of Tokyo, investigating and looking for survivors to aid. Did you raise an eyebrow after reading that? Coppelion may have a strange premise but don’t let that dissuade you just yet. Synopsis    Sometime in the year 2016, a catastrophic nuclear accident from the Odaiba nuclear power plant saw Tokyo bombarded with radiation. Whoever didn’t flee faced a horrific death from radiation poisoning. Years pass and rumors of survivors would flit around here and there. Though, the former city of more than one million souls remains a virtual ghost town. In the space of two […]

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED : A Review

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Breakdown       The Gundam series has been an immediately recognizable staple in the mecha genre for decades. Though maintaining similar themes, it always treads new territory and delves into a new universe. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED is no different as we once more explore the conflicts of future humanity, this time with transhumanism playing a significant role.  We’re also set in the new ‘Cosmic Era’. As always, viewers receive an anime where ethics and philosophical questions challenge them . All amidst stellar displays of mecha combat. Is Mobile Suit Gundam SEED worth your time? Read on to find out! Synopsis Advanced technology has not only allowed humanity to reach the stars but fundamentally alter themselves. Considered a next step in evolution, humans can now undergo genetic alteration. This not only grants them seemingly super-human powers but allows them to achieve what was previously impossible. They are called ‘Coordinators’. On […]