Daily Quotes – 14 March 2018

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  The two of us aren’t so different. My whole life I’ve desired from others. I felt bitter to the people around me and I closed off my heart…and a heart that lets nothing in..will become empty before you realize it. But in this world, you’ll sometimes meet meddlesome people who will, even without asking, give you the love you need. And for someone like you or me, meeting such a person is very blissful. – Mei Aihara (Citrus)

Hapi Mari

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Hey anime and manga faaaaaans!!! 😆 As always, Rano is back with yet another special review for another special manga: Hapi Mari!!! All you need to know before reading is that my reviews are free of spoilers 😎 Hapi Mari is a Japanese completed manga which is also known as “Happy Marriage.” Its serialization began on June 14, 2009 and ran until September 23, 2012. It was completed after 10 volumes. The genre : Josei, Romance, Comedy, Drama N.B ☝ Hapi Mari is categorized as a “smut manga” thought to be honest, it’s not really that. It may contain 3 pages of 16+ content in only 3 chapters but other than that it’s safe to read.   The story The story revolves around Chiwa Takanashi, a 23-year-old ordinary office-lady that never had the time nor the opportunity to have a boyfriend in her entire life. In order to pay off […]

Shinobi Shijuusou: A Manga Review

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With a group of capable (and handsome) shinobi all vying to become her right-hand man, who will Chouko choose? Witness a harem like no other in Shinobi Shijuusou! General Information Shinobi Shijuusou is a manga by writer and illustrator Himuka Tohru. The series was a serialization in the monthly magazine Asuka. Additionally, the publication of the series started on September 2014 and ended on July 2017. The manga ended with 8 volumes and 32 chapters. Synopsis The story follows Manaka Chouko, the sole heir to the prestigious Manaka family. She always had trouble making friends because of her bodyguards. Now that she is in high school, she wishes to change just that despite her father’s worries. That being the case, her father makes a deal with her. She has to enter Mizono-o high school, where most of the students train to become shinobi. If Chouko […]

Hibi Chouchou – A Manga Review by Rano

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Hey anime and manga faaaaaans! 😆😆😆 Rano is back with yet another awesome manga review and of course one of my favorites that I enjoyed reading: Hibi Chouchou! For who doesn’t know me lemme introduce myself 😎 my name is Rano and my reviews contain no spoilers! 😆 Hibi Chouchou is a kawaii Japanese completed manga 😍 which was written and illustrated by Suu Morishita. It consists of 12 volumes, with the first volume being published on July 25, 2012. The story Upon entering high school, the very quiet but extremely cute Suiren becomes the immediate center of attention among the boys…but one particular boy does not look her way.The story of a quiet girl and a quiet boy. Despite being short, Hibi Chouchou offers a refreshing cute love story. Genre: Romance, Shoujo, Slice of life and School life. The characters As always, I’m gonna tell you guys about […]