Eureka 7

Eureka 7: A Mecha Anime with a Twist

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Today, I decided to review Eureka 7, one of the few mecha anime shows out there. The entire show is about two main characters and their relationship with one another. The real question is, did they get things right? Well, that’s a bit complicated in my own personal opinion. I’ll just cover it all here in my review. Now, let’s get on with the review. Eureka 7: The Good First of all, Studio Bones is the creative mind behind Eureka 7. Although it doesn’t really take any chances. In terms of design, they’re very well-made. The characters are east to differentiate because all of them are quite unique. To add, the themes that this show presents also proves to be one of its strong points. Compared to mecha shows that came before it (and even after), Eureka 7 handles a range of extraordinary themes to […]

Knights Of Sidonia

Knights Of Sidonia Review

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Breakdown Mechs, outer space and an unnervingly persistent, formless race of aliens straight out of a horror movie. Combine that with a teenage pilot prodigy and his friends, all likely being humanity’s last and only hope.  Is this what happens if you take Gundam and Evangelion then slap them together? Knights of Sidonia seems to borrow many staples from its respective genres that are all too familiar. Does it do enough to make itself stand out and be unique though? Is it also worth watching be you a mecha fan or just someone looking for a thrilling anime? Let’s find out then. Synopsis Earth is no more. After years of passive contact with an alien species known only as the ‘Gauna’, the planet came under sudden attack one day. The results were terrifying. Within moments, most of the world’s population met their end as the […]

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED : A Review

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Breakdown       The Gundam series has been an immediately recognizable staple in the mecha genre for decades. Though maintaining similar themes, it always treads new territory and delves into a new universe. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED is no different as we once more explore the conflicts of future humanity, this time with transhumanism playing a significant role.  We’re also set in the new ‘Cosmic Era’. As always, viewers receive an anime where ethics and philosophical questions challenge them . All amidst stellar displays of mecha combat. Is Mobile Suit Gundam SEED worth your time? Read on to find out! Synopsis Advanced technology has not only allowed humanity to reach the stars but fundamentally alter themselves. Considered a next step in evolution, humans can now undergo genetic alteration. This not only grants them seemingly super-human powers but allows them to achieve what was previously impossible. They are called ‘Coordinators’. On […]

Vandread Promotional Image

Vandread Reviewed

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Title: Vandread Year: 2000 First Series, 2001 Second Stage Episodes: 13 per season Company: Gonzo, Funimation (USA licence holder) Genre:  Science Fiction Introduction: Excellent science fiction is a social mirror. Beyond entertaining, science fiction has the ability to ask questions about our culture. Vandread attempts to ask questions. Primarily, it explores a world where men and women separately colonized different planets. Men settled the colony of Taraak. While, women settled Mejere. By the shows start, men and women view each other as dangerous alien species. During a spaceship firefight between the Taraak navy and the Mejere Pirates, a mixed gendered crew discover themselves stranded in an unfamiliar region of space.  Both genders struggle to cooperate and survive. Beyond survival, they struggle to navigate a path home. Adding to the uncertainty of their circumstances, the accident altered the functionality of the ships.The Taraak warship fused with the Mejere pirate […]

Season set cover by ADV

Dai-Guard: Underrated Robot Fisticuffs

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Title: Dai-Guard Year: 1999 Company: Xebec, American dub and distribution by ADV originally Genre:  Giant Robot, Satire Synopsis: Dai-guard is a unique relic. Back then, a massive heterodyne invasion killed many people. The only reason why it failed is because humans used the devastating Over-Explosion (O-E) bombs. This incident led to numerous deaths, not only on the heterodynes’ side but also to the humans’. Thus, people now wants a safer and more precise weapon. Dai-Guard is that weapon. One day though, it was launched without an enemy to fight. When the next invasion never occurred, Dai-Guard faded into mothballs. Now demoted as a mascot, Public Relations (P.R.) Division 2 oversees the robot’s operation at public events. In fact, only P.R. division 2 knows how to operate the unwieldy automaton. When the heterodyne returned, the bureaucrats became humanity’s savior. During the second invasion, Dai-Guard’s team had to fight […]

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Cover

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Review

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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Breakdown      Sure this anime’s more than 20 years old but Mobile Suit Gundam Wing offers a little something for everyone. This is classic mecha anime at its finest and if you’re there for the action there’s lots to be had. Yet, if you crave more, this anime offers that as well.  Fans get treated to a story featuring many characters skirting the mold of the traditional antagonist. Here, we explore the grey lines of political and by extension human conflict.   Synopsis      In the near future humanity has advanced beyond our earthen yolk, having established colonies revolving around the harvesting of interstellar mineral resources. Though capable in their own right, a unified alliance of earth’s nations use their superior numbers and military force to keep these colonies operating according to their terms. Unable to match the alliance’s might, the colonies seek […]

His Brilliant Comeback – A Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 Anime Review

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If you love anime full of action and battles between mechas, then you’ve probably already heard of this anime entitled Code Geass. As I’ve watched and reviewed Season 1 of this show here, I thought it would be nice to do the same for Season 2. Synopsis: Lelouch vi Britannia is once again living a simple life as Lelouch Lamperouge in Ashford Academy. This time though, he is unaware of his true self. He does not know he is none other than Zero, the head of the Rebels fighting against the Holy Empire of Britannia. This has been the situation since he suffered from amnesia after failing against his fight with Suzaku Kururugi. Lelouch would not have remembered his true identity without the help of C.C., the girl who gave him the Power of the Kings, also known as Geass. Together with the Black Knights, she attacked […]