Coppelion Review

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Breakdown     Spiderman got his powers after getting bitten by a radioactive spider. On the other hand, these teen-aged schoolgirls are radiation proof. Able to stroll through a post apocalyptic wasteland in their school uniform skirts and shirts, they even have some special powers to boot. Together, they are navigating the ruins of Tokyo, investigating and looking for survivors to aid. Did you raise an eyebrow after reading that? Coppelion may have a strange premise but don’t let that dissuade you just yet. Synopsis    Sometime in the year 2016, a catastrophic nuclear accident from the Odaiba nuclear power plant saw Tokyo bombarded with radiation. Whoever didn’t flee faced a horrific death from radiation poisoning. Years pass and rumors of survivors would flit around here and there. Though, the former city of more than one million souls remains a virtual ghost town. In the space of two […]

AOT Season 2

Attack On Titan Season 2 Review

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(Spoiler Warning: If you haven’t seen Season 1, this review of Attack On Titan Season 2 will contain minor spoilers as it picks up right where the first ended)   Breakdown        The stakes are now higher than ever. The already mysterious enemies we thought we knew have become even more deadly. Intelligent Titans under the control of humans are now an undeniable  reality.  Does humanity’s only hope rest with mastering this power as well? Who are these traitors and why are they launching carefully calculated attacks against the walls? Synopsis        Attack On Titan Season 2 continues right at the cliffhanger viewers were left with last time. There are Titans within the layers of these monumental walls shielding humanity from further onslaught. After years of fighting a losing battle, humanity has had one bittersweet moment of victory. One of the intelligent Titans turns out to be […]

Attack On Titan Review

Attack On Titan Season 1 Review

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Attack On Titan Season 1 Review Breakdown         The hunter is now the hunted. Like animals trapped in a cage, humanity’s last remnants now collectively reside behind the safety of a massive, multi-tiered ring of walls. Forced there by colossal humanoid beings known as ‘Titans’, a tenuous peace has existed over the last century. However, that’s all about to change and once again humanity will find itself fighting against its own extinction. Welcome to Attack On Titan. Shrouded in the mystery of the Titans, this anime relishes the gory displays of humanity’s losing but valiant struggle against a terrifying enemy.  Synopsis         It is said that humanity once enjoyed mastery over the world. That was before the Titans appeared. Set in a world with Renaissance era technology, humanity could hardly handle the threat before them. Incurring monumental losses the last vestiges of human civilization fled behind the safety […]