Blame! Anime Movie Review

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Breakdown Enter a dark and dismal future where humanity struggles to barely survive. This is’t the typical dystopia though. Imagine a colossal city that spans layers so deep you can travel for days and never see the real sun. In this endless maze of metal and stone, a sparse number of humans somehow get by as they avoid the machines hunting them. It is a world as mysterious as it is endless. Any semblance of an answer to one thing brings with it dozens of new questions. This is the world of Blame! Is it a movie worth watching? How original and entertaining is it? Read on to find out. Synopsis The exact date isn’t known. The only thing that is however is that at some point far in the past humans once had the ability to control the sprawling city. Then one day a strange contagion […]

Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans Review

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Breakdown The Gundam series has always, as a trademark staple, given us humanizing and engrossing portrayals of war and human conflict. In almost every iteration and entry in the franchise, we see a futuristic society in or on the verge of conflict. Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans is no different. However this may be one entry with the darkest premise yet. This is an era that sprung up from the very ravages of conflict and it shows. The very title of the show hints at it after all. Thus, with that in mind, is it a good anime? Is it worthy of your time? Read on to find out. Synopsis To reflect the darker setting, this isn’t the ‘Cosmic Era’ or ‘After Colony’ era. Instead this is the ‘Post Disaster’ era. Society has been so defined by conflict that the years are counted around it. In […]

Darling In The FranXX

Darling In The FranXX: The Good and The Bad

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Breakdown Another mecha anime set in a dystopian future? This is a world where humanity has been brought to the brink of extinction by monsters. Their only source of safety in the darkness are giant fortress cities known as ‘Plantations’. Here, pilots receive training from birth to utilize mechs that allow them to protect humanity’s safe haven. This all sounds like a slightly different spin on something we’ve seen before but let’s not be hasty to judge. Is Darling In The FranXX worth your time? How much does it stand out in its respective genres? Let’s dive into this one and find out. Synopsis Darling In The FranXX presents us with a society run according to a rigid caste system. The harshness of humanity’s current situation warrants as much after all. As a result, these pilots are literally bred for their specific purpose. That is, […]

Knights Of Sidonia

Top 5 Mecha Series With Romance

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For The Love Of Mechs Love it or hate it, the mecha genre has been an anime staple for years. Its influence has been a defining feature in the artform as well as its growing popularity. Mecha anime have also delved into various sub-genres as well. From over the top action to moving plots which make us question ourselves and society around us. Naturally, with such emphasis on human interaction, romance has been a big part of it. That’s exactly what we’re gonna focus on today as we look at 5 top mecha series with romance. Neon Genesis Evangelion  (And its sequels) This choice might raise a few eyebrows but don’t be too quick to dismiss it. As with everything in the Evangelion universe, the topic of romance is largely vague and unclear. In fact, to an audience that isn’t very perceptive, it may even be baffling. […]


Beatless Review

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Breakdown There’s no shortage of media depicting a world where man-made AI has run amok, becoming humanity’s greatest enemy. Yet even in our present day, aggressive research into developing AI continues. Take a moment and imagine then a world where AI has led to advances we can’t even begin to imagine. In this world humanoid machines, will AI live with humans though our lack of understanding incites fear? Is co-existence possible? These are the questions sent towards the audience in Beatless. Is this anime worth watching though? Read on to find out. Synopsis In the near future, society has become even more digital than we currently know. Advances in AI has led to the automation of various menial tasks. This ranges from everything to groceries without staff and cashiers to the daily operation of a ‘smart city’s’ infrastructure. Tasks which require a more ‘human’ and direct […]

Q01: A Movie Review on Hal

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In a world where robots can behave like real humans, Hal is indeed very interesting. I stumbled on this movie a year back, and it’s still one of my favorite films. What’s more, the movie’s best feature is its grand twist! “I think it’s enough having met you. If the pain I suffered is to exchange for this very moment, I’m satisfied. If everything was in exchange for meeting you, then I feel those occurrences are all worth it.” Haru General Information Hal is a 2013 Japanese anime film by director Makihara Ryotaro. At the 2013 Anime Expo convention, Funimation announced that they acquired rights for release in North America. Synopsis A young woman named Kurumi lost her boyfriend Haru in a sudden plane accident. Left heartbroken, she then isolates herself in a small house. However, this comes to change when her grandfather asks the […]