Death Notice – Mia’s Manga Review

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We have Death Notice in the list. This manga is both thrilling and exciting at the same time. I had followed this series from the beginning and I love how the story flows. I hope you can feel the same as you read along my journey. Let’s begin 😉😉😉 General Information Death Notice is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Motoro Mase. This manga was serialized in Shogakukan‘s Weekly Young Sunday. In 2008, it was adapted into a live-action film titled Ikigami with Tomoyuki Takimoto as director. Synopsis Ikigami, or Death Notice in English, is something that Japanese between the age of 18 to 24 will receive. This happens after a national prosperity law was announced by the government. The government believed that the threat of unexpected death will increase prosperity and productivity in its citizens. Japanese in those age will die randomly because […]

Special Service: Blend S Anime Review

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Special service cafes are a common sight in anime shows nowadays. But there’s always that one missing factor: character variation. With Blend S in Fall 2017’s comedy roster, get ready to laugh to your heart’s content! General Information Written and illustrated by Miyuki Nakayama, Blend S is initially a four-panel comic strip manga. In October 2013, it first appeared in Hobunsha’s Manga Time Kirara Carat magazine. The studio A-1 Pictures produced an anime adaptation for the series that premiered in October 2017. The show is still ongoing to this day. Synopsis Sakuranomiya Maika, a high school student who dreams of studying overseas, wants to save up money through a part-time job. Although naturally sweet and friendly, Maika has one big problem. No one wants to hire her because of her scary smile! Failing multiple times at job interviews, she finds herself a job at Cafe […]


Hellsing, An Anime Review by Ron

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To become a monster like me is to admit you were too weak to remain a human. – Alucard   Introduction Hellsing is inspired by a Japanese manga series of the same name, though it seems like the plot of the anime series is actually different from the manga. Kouta Hirano wrote and illustrated the manga.       Title: Hellsing Year: October 10, 2001 – January 16, 2002 Anime TV Series Written By Chiaki J. Konaka Episodes: 13 Studio: Gonzo, Digimation Genres: Action, Horror, Supernatural, Vampire, Seinen     The Main Characters of the Anime Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing Integra Wingates is the current leader of the organization. Her father passed on the responsibility to her at the time of his death. Witnessing her father’s death when she was just a child and surviving from her uncle’s attempt to assassinate her made her a tough deadly […]

Emma – A Victorian Romance

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Emma – A Victorian Romance, also known as Eikoku Koi Monogatari Emma, is a classic anime which some of you may know already. Its first season was released in 2005 while the 2nd season was aired in 2007.  For the sake of others who are not yet familiar with the series though, I’ll try reviewing it without spoiling as much. I’ll be reviewing the two seasons together in this article, in order to give you a full coverage. Emma’s Story The story is happening in 19th century so if you are a lover of this era just like me, then you will probably love it. Our heroin is none other than Emma. She is a maid working at the house of an old teacher since she was a 15-year-old. One day, a former student from a rich family named William came to visit his teacher. He […]

Hero for Fun: A One Punch Man Anime Review

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Being a hero is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes, you’re just too weak to beat your opponents. Though, there are other times when you’re too strong that no one is strong enough to land a hit. That is exactly the problem of a certain baldy hero! “If you really want to become strong, stop caring about what others think about you. Living your life has nothing to do with what others think.“ Saitama General Information Beginning publication in 2009, One Punch Man is an ongoing webcomic created by an author with the pseudonym One. The series became viral, hitting more than 7.9 million hits in June of 2012. A digital remake by illustrator Yusuke Murata began publication in Shueisha‘s Young Jump Web Comics in the same year. The series also acquired an English serialization in Viz Media‘s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Adapted into an anime by Madhouse, One Punch Man aired from October to […]