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Vandread Reviewed

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Title: Vandread Year: 2000 First Series, 2001 Second Stage Episodes: 13 per season Company: Gonzo, Funimation (USA licence holder) Genre:  Science Fiction Introduction: Excellent science fiction is a social mirror. Beyond entertaining, science fiction has the ability to ask questions about our culture. Vandread attempts to ask questions. Primarily, it explores a world where men and women separately colonized different planets. Men settled the colony of Taraak. While, women settled Mejere. By the shows start, men and women view each other as dangerous alien species. During a spaceship firefight between the Taraak navy and the Mejere Pirates, a mixed gendered crew discover themselves stranded in an unfamiliar region of space.  Both genders struggle to cooperate and survive. Beyond survival, they struggle to navigate a path home. Adding to the uncertainty of their circumstances, the accident altered the functionality of the ships.The Taraak warship fused with the Mejere pirate […]

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Reflections Upon A Classic: Cowboy Bebop

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Title: Cowboy Bebop Year: 1998 Company: Sunrise, Animaze dub, Funimation current North America Liscence holder Genre:  Science Fiction Introduction Rare are the truly timeless works. People remember Mozart hundreds of years later. However, they have forgotten dozens of his rivals. Similarly, tales of Beowulf and Gilgamesh have survived to the present. And yet, thousands of other epics go unremembered and unmourned. Despite Cowboy Bebop only nearing it’s twentieth anniversary, it survives in anime culture better than many shows from the same era. Synopsis Spike Spiegel is a struggling bounty hunter. Together with his friend Jet Black, they struggle to fill their bank accounts and bellies one bounty at a time.  With the addition of two stowaways, Faye Valentine and Ed, their lives become increasingly complicated. Cowboy Bebop’s concept is simple. Yet, it’s execution is superb.   What Makes Cowboy Bebop Great Cowboy Bebop‘s primary strength is the accessibility […]