7 Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) Season 2 Review

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Breakdown Seven Deadly Sins has become quite a popular anime. Season 1 got excellent reviews everywhere. Even we found it to be a great and enjoyable anime. From the moment it was over fans were eagerly awaiting the next chapter. During that time we got a short OVA to whet our appetites and now, in 2018’s Winter Season, we finally get Seven Deadly Sins Season 2. How good is it then? Does it carry on the legacy of Season 1 while improving upon the story? Is it a faithful adaptation of the manga? Read on and see what we thought about the episodes that have come out so far. Synopsis Season 2 begins right where the first left off. The Seven Deadly Sins have successfully won the day, saving Britannia from the traitorous leadership of its Holy Knights. These fallen Knights sought to use demon’s blood […]


Castlevania Anime Review

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Breakdown Long a well known and popular video game franchise, Castlevania finally steps into the realm of anime. One might argue that the source material has long been perfect for anime and they wouldn’t be wrong. With the video games practically spanning their own genre, does this anime live up to that legacy? In fact, is it fit for both fans and the uninitiated alike? Vampires, a demigod version of count Dracula and a trip into an Eastern Europe as Gothic as it could possibly get. Read on to see what we thought about this anime and if its worth your time. Synopsis Its the 15th century and Eastern Europe is as stereotypical as it gets. Dark, gloomy cities of sprawling Gothic architecture and foul mouthed, superstitious peasants looking for the next excuse to vent their frustrations abound. The church reigns supreme with an iron grip […]

The Sin of Love: Jigoku no Enra Manga Review

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As a lawfully good student, Takamura Komachi certainly did not expect the sons of Yama to come for her. Worst of all, they’ve come to take her to Hell for an unknown sin. Falling in love with one of them is definitely out of the question! General Information Written and illustrated by Shimada Chie, Jigoku no Enra is a Shoujo manga featuring the relationship between humans and demons. Also known as Enra in Hell, the manga has a rather short length of only 17 chapters. Despite this, the series guarantees its readers’ satisfaction with every chapter. Synopsis In summary, Jigoku no Enra follows Takamura Komachi, the daughter of a lawyer and a public prosecutor. Raised as a walking book of laws, Komachi didn’t expect the sudden arrival of Enra. To become Yama’s successor, Enra has the task of sending future sinners to Hell. There is […]

Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist Anime Review

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Breakdown The idea of Satan himself having a son isn’t exactly a novel one. We’ve seen it used quite a number of times before and here we’re gonna see it again. However what if we took that and combined it with a world where a secret war has long been ongoing between men and demons? The only thing standing between demons infiltrating the veil between worlds being highly trained exorcists overseen by the Vatican itself. Welcome to the premise of Blue Exorcist also known as Ao no Exorcist. Its long been a popular manga and sounds quite interesting on paper but is the anime worth its weight or should you look elsewhere? Read on and see what we had to say about it. Synopsis Blue Exorcist is, at its core, a typical Shonen Manga made into an anime. A young teenager, Rin Okumura lives with his brother Yukio Okumura […]


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Shiki is an adaptation of a manga which itself is an adaptation of a novel series. The anime was aired on July 8, 2010. There is only one season of 22 episodes. The genre : vampire, demons, horror, action, mystery, supernatural and thriller. The story Shiki is about a village in rural Japan called ” Sotoba “. In the village, mysterious accidents started to happen. People are getting sick and then they are found dead with the cause of their sickness unknown!!! A doctor and a priest started to look into these mysterious events to solve the mystery and save the people. The plot I liked Shiki‘s plot a lot. It was of a good and unique idea. The plot kept the viewers on their toes. For around 10 episodes we weren’t able to figure out what was wrong with people and what was causing their […]