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Shiki is an adaptation of a manga which itself is an adaptation of a novel series. The anime was aired on July 8, 2010. There is only one season of 22 episodes. The genre : vampire, demons, horror, action, mystery, supernatural and thriller. The story Shiki is about a village in rural Japan called ” Sotoba “. In the village, mysterious accidents started to happen. People are getting sick and then they are found dead with the cause of their sickness unknown!!! A doctor and a priest started to look into these mysterious events to solve the mystery and save the people. The plot I liked Shiki‘s plot a lot. It was of a good and unique idea. The plot kept the viewers on their toes. For around 10 episodes we weren’t able to figure out what was wrong with people and what was causing their […]

Death Notice – Mia’s Manga Review

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We have Death Notice in the list. This manga is both thrilling and exciting at the same time. I had followed this series from the beginning and I love how the story flows. I hope you can feel the same as you read along my journey. Let’s begin 😉😉😉 General Information Death Notice is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Motoro Mase. This manga was serialized in Shogakukan‘s Weekly Young Sunday. In 2008, it was adapted into a live-action film titled Ikigami with Tomoyuki Takimoto as director. Synopsis Ikigami, or Death Notice in English, is something that Japanese between the age of 18 to 24 will receive. This happens after a national prosperity law was announced by the government. The government believed that the threat of unexpected death will increase prosperity and productivity in its citizens. Japanese in those age will die randomly because […]

Occultic Nine – A Review Of 2016’s Best Paranormal Anime

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Occultic Nine is one of 2016’s best paranormal anime series. Chiyomaru Shikura (also the creator of Steins;Gate), is the brain behind this masterpiece. As such, it’s not hard to see why it was one of the big and heavy hitters back in 2016. The expectations were high for a story. So high that it would have the emotional connection and twisty plot of something akin to Steins;Gate. Both titles by the same person had different mediums. Steins;Gate was based on a game, while Occultic Nine was on a light novel. Perhaps, this difference of source medium made Occultic Nine a rather unusual series than one can expect. Leaving the question of whether this anime is good or not for a second, what’s most striking about the series is how unconventional and outright weird and bold it is. Light novels, by their nature, are a medium […]

Ousama Game The Animation

Ousama Game (King’s Game) The Animation Review

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Breakdown Japanese game developers have made some of the most intense and memorable horror games around. Can the same be said of anime? Its usually known for portraying intense characters and moving tales. Though not so much for inducing moments of sheer terror. Ousama Game The Animation (King’s Game in English)  steps forward as a new contender in this arena. A small class of students caught up in a dark and twisted game. Do they play along or suffer an unimaginable fate? Is this the movie SAW if it were an anime or something far better? Let’s take a look shall we? Synopsis The King’s decrees are absolute. This simple yet demanding rule is something many teenagers are about to become familiar with. Without any prior warning, students from a single class in a high school will find themselves receiving texts from someone calling themselves the King. Each […]

Knights Of Sidonia

Knights Of Sidonia Review

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Breakdown Mechs, outer space and an unnervingly persistent, formless race of aliens straight out of a horror movie. Combine that with a teenage pilot prodigy and his friends, all likely being humanity’s last and only hope.  Is this what happens if you take Gundam and Evangelion then slap them together? Knights of Sidonia seems to borrow many staples from its respective genres that are all too familiar. Does it do enough to make itself stand out and be unique though? Is it also worth watching be you a mecha fan or just someone looking for a thrilling anime? Let’s find out then. Synopsis Earth is no more. After years of passive contact with an alien species known only as the ‘Gauna’, the planet came under sudden attack one day. The results were terrifying. Within moments, most of the world’s population met their end as the […]

Paranoia Agent: An Anime Review

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Title: Paranoia Agent Year: 2004 Episodes: 13 Company: Madhouse, MVM Films (UK) Genre: Horror Introduction: Paranoia Agent‘s story begins with a shy Tsukikio Sagi designing characters. One of her notable creations is the beloved, pink dog Maromi. Tsukikio was pressured because she felt the need to surpass her previous success. Hence, she panics and worse, she even faces a creative block. At that moment, a skating, child-like figure attacks her with a baseball bat. Later on, Tsukikio wakes up with two detectives, Keiichi Ikari and Misuhiro Maniwa. They were questioning her about the incident. It was apparent that this duo  suspected her of intentionally hiding an important information about the attack. Nonetheless, a second attack causes them to investigate further. The attacks instantly grew into a cultural phenomena. The public named the attacker as “Lil’ Slugger.” From here, Paranoia Agent becomes a series with two facets. On the […]