Knights Of Sidonia

Knights Of Sidonia Review

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Breakdown Mechs, outer space and an unnervingly persistent, formless race of aliens straight out of a horror movie. Combine that with a teenage pilot prodigy and his friends, all likely being humanity’s last and only hope.  Is this what happens if you take Gundam and Evangelion then slap them together? […]

Paranoia Agent: An Anime Review

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Title: Paranoia Agent Year: 2004 Episodes: 13 Company: Madhouse, MVM Films (UK) Genre: Horror Introduction: Paranoia Agent‘s story begins with a shy Tsukikio Sagi designing characters. One of her notable creations is the beloved, pink dog Maromi. Tsukikio was pressured because she felt the need to surpass her previous success. Hence, she panics […]


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 Another Another   How does it feel to not exist?   First of all, if you kind of like the opening song of Another, the title is Kyoumu Densen (Nightmare Contagion) by ALI PROJECT. (Arika-san ❤❤❤) My apologies though, I’m just a fan of ALI PROJECT and their works. But […]