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Shiki is an adaptation of a manga which itself is an adaptation of a novel series. The anime was aired on July 8, 2010. There is only one season of 22 episodes. The genre : vampire, demons, horror, action, mystery, supernatural and thriller. The story Shiki is about a village in rural Japan called ” Sotoba “. In the village, mysterious accidents started to happen. People are getting sick and then they are found dead with the cause of their sickness unknown!!! A doctor and a priest started to look into these mysterious events to solve the mystery and save the people. The plot I liked Shiki‘s plot a lot. It was of a good and unique idea. The plot kept the viewers on their toes. For around 10 episodes we weren’t able to figure out what was wrong with people and what was causing their […]

Zombie Loan

Zombie Loan Review

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Breakdown You’ve heard of vampire hunters but have you heard of zombie hunters? I mean they got a market too and zombies are always lurking these days. What happens  when you take zombie hunters and someone with the ability to scope out zombies like a radar and put them together then? You just might have Zombie Loan. Here comes dark comedy, clumsy schoolgirls and guys looking like they dropped straight from a jpop band. Whoever thought the undead could be kawaii? Should you give this anime a try though? Read on and find out what we thought about it. Synopsis Death is inevitable. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, it will find you one day. Can you cheat death though? What happens when people die but don’t fully move on? What happens if they take a new ‘loan’ on life? A Zombie […]

High School of the Dead : Printed on the Tin

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Title: High School of the Dead Year: 2010 Episodes: 12 Company: Madhouse, Sentai Filmworks (USA licence holder) Genre: Horror, Action Introduction High School of the Dead immediately drops the viewer into the action.  Scrambling survivors seek shelter on the roof while social order quickly decays around them.  Instead of a routine delivery, this series’ introduction captures instant suspense. Too many zombie horror entries drag during the set-up for the inevitable outbreak. High School of the Dead wastes no time during character introductions.  Having the introduction of the characters already imperiled, this anime instantly sets the stakes. Takashi Komuro and Rei Miyamoto are identified as the star-crossed leads. Saeko Busujima is an athlete and sword student while Saya Takagai smugly assumes the role of the entitled, arrogant genius. Kohta Hirano transforms from gun nerd into hero due to the circumstances. Shizuka Marikawa is the school nurse, who actually manages to survive the […]