Tokyo Ghoul Root A: Zien’s Anime Review

Zien’s Synopsis

Tokyo Ghoul Root A is the continuation of Tokyo Ghoul, an anime series which was aired back in 2014. It is noted that the setting of the last episode in the previous season remains to be the same with Tokyo Ghoul Root A’s first scene. If you aren’t familiar with the series, you may check my previous Tokyo Ghoul review which focuses on its Season 1.


The story is set on alternate universe where ghouls exists. These creatures appear to be normal persons. What makes them different is that they need to eat human flesh in order to survive. They also have organs called “kagunes” which serves as their weapon during battles.

Given this situation, the government has formed a special organization named Commission of Counter Ghoul, or simply CCG. In order to exterminate ghouls, Each officer is given a “Quinque,” a weapon made from a ghoul’s kagune.

From a human perspective, ghouls are simply monsters that have to be haunted and killed. But is this really the case?


After being almost devoured by his date, Kaneki Ken transformed from being a simple student into a half human half ghoul. His body now needs human flesh. Thankfully, Anteiku, an organization of ghouls in the 20th Ward, accepted him and treated him like a family.

After series of events, Kaneki finally accepted that he is a ghoul… that he has no other choice but to be strong for the sake of protecting his friends and those in Anteiku. He thought that if Aogiri gets stronger, the 20th ward might be damaged together with Anteiku. Having this in his mind, Kaneki decides to join Aogiri.

Will Kaneki keep walking down this path?

Zien’s Thoughts on Tokyo Ghoul Root A


While the story remains the same as it is indeed a continuation, Tokyo Ghoul Root A lets its audience dive deeper into the background of its other characters. Amon’s past was given attention along with Juzo’s. Yoshimura’s past which has a huge connection with the existence of the Owl was also revealed. Other supporting characters, such as Koma and Irimi, were given their own moments too.

Favorite Scene

Given the heavy theme of Tokyo Ghoul Root A, I find it entertaining to see the pairing of Amon Kotaro and Kureo Mado’s daughter, Akira. Their moments are hilarious and brings some new flavor into the story. So as you might have guessed, my favorite scene involves these two characters.

My favorite scene was none other than that moment when Akira stated that Amon is actually “a pervy investigator who does muscle training in his subbordinate’s residence.” What makes it hilarious is that it was out of his character.


Tokyo Ghoul Root A uses österreich’s song entitled Munou, or Incompetence in English, for its opening theme. This song gives out a sad tune which is fitting for the story.

On the other hand, the series uses Amazarashi’s song named Kisetsu wa Tsugitsugi Shindeiku, or Seasons Die One After Another in English for its ending theme. This song has more energy than the opening theme.

More information on Tokyo Ghoul Root A

Tokyo Ghoul started as a manga in September 2011. Created by Sui Ishida, Shueisha published this series in Weekly Young Jump.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A

In 2014, Studio Pierrot produced Tokyo Ghoul‘s anime adaptation. Its first season consisting of 12 episodes aired from July to September 2014. Its second season entitled Tokyo Ghoul Root A was produced under the same studio. It is composed of another 12 episodes, which aired from January to March 2015.


Despite the new developments in Tokyo Ghoul Root A, it left me unsatisfied with its ending. It’s for you to find out the ending though so I’m not gonna spoil. Nevertheless, I still like the story and wish that there is more of it… a Season 3, perhaps.

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