Urara Meirochou: Zien’s Anime Review

Urara meirochouSometimes, people lose their way to their fate, or the crossroads of life, as they wander through the maze of their everyday lives. In those times, a diviner can present you with an arrow pointing to the right choices.

Zien’s Synopsis


In the series, a diviner is referred to as an Urara. Every urara can use her preferred method of divination. It can be fortune telling using kokkuri, tarot cards etc. Thus, an urara can sometimes be referred to as a goddess, sometimes a witch.

After her fifteenth birthday, an urara receives an invitation and travels to a city called Meirochou, which specializes in divination and fortune telling.


Meirochou is divided into blocks which have their respective gates. No Urara can pass through the gate without properly finishing her training and passing the Urara Exam. Unsurprisingly, the main characters in the story met in Block 10, the furthest block from the city’s center.


chiiya urara meirochouChiiya is a cheerful girl from the forest who is loved by her animal friends. She has decided to travel to Meirochou to search for her mother. Apparently, her mother is a legendary Urara.

Chiiya’s search is not an easy case. Not only does is she clueless which block does her mother live in, she does not even know her face nor her age. Her best hope is to meet a Rank 1 Urara who has the power to locate persons through divination. To do so, however, Chiiya must be able to visit Block 1 of Meirochou.

Thus, Chiiya decides to be a Rank 1 Urara and pass all the gates in Meirochou. Together with her wonderful Urara friends named Kon, Koume and Nono, she continues her studies at Natsumeya Teahouse in Block 10.

Zien’s thoughts on Urara Meirochou


Urara Meirochou‘s plot seems to be simple at first. In fact, it can be put in one phrase: “A girl searching for her mother.” This anime series is very light-hearted despite this theme though.

What makes its plot seemingly slightly complicated is its settings. As mentioned earlier, Meirochou has several gates which an Urara can only enter upon passing the respective exam. This makes me feel that the story can be turned into a game, wherein the character levels up her divination powers.

Character Design and Animation

The characters presented in Urara Meirochou are adorable! While it is fun watching Chiiya, other characters in this anime series have their own cute characteristics. First is Kon. She a very responsible and studious apprentice. Kon  uses kokkuri divination and yet, at the same time, she is afraid of ghosts. Next is the optimistic Koume, who is fond of western divination techniques. In particular, Koume loves using pendulum to search for things. Added to their group is the very shy girl named Nono, who uses ventriloquism. Combined with good animation, these characters make the whole series eye-candy.

Urara Meirochou group jump shot
From Left to Right: Koume, Kon, Chiya, Nono


Each episode of this series begins with Takahiro Yamada’s Yumeji Labyrinth. Though this opening song is energetic in its own way, I love Urara Meirochou’s ending song more. Even without looking at the lyrics, I find Luce Twinkle Wink’s Go to Romance  very enjoyable to listen to.

Favorite Scene

Though it does give off a very light feeling to its audience, Urara Meirochou has its own unforgettable scenes. My favorite scene among them is when Kon was upset and worried about not being able to use her divination anymore. I was really touched when Chiiya said:

urara meirochou chiiya and kon

Your dream belongs to you, Kon. Nobody can take it away from you so don’t give up on it!

Additional Information

Urara Meirochou started as a manga created by Harikamo in 2014. Houbunsha published it in its seinen magazine Manga Time Kirara Miracle! Meanwhile, J.C. Staff produced its anime adaptation. Its anime consisting of 12 episodes aired from January to March 2017.


If you are looking for a good way to pass time, try watching Urara Meirochou. It is an enjoyable series about friendship with a slight touch of slice of life.urara meirochou group